PREPPER POST NEWS – Nov. 2, 2021 – Cheap Cigars and Inflation

PREPPER POST NEWS – Nov. 2, 2021 – Cheap Cigars and Inflation


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Golobhomo in the News

  • They are really worried about losing France. RT
  • And they will never even get a shot with Poland. Whereas the USSA pays invaders to invade, the Poles have a law allowing (mandating) summary deportation ON THE SPOT! FreeWest
  • In the USSA, another “helper” raped another woman. He’s allowed to keep his “work” permit. He’s also allowed to stay and stay alive. I’m surprised they even arrested him. CIS
  • All those “helpers.” Biden: Invasion at all costs: “Total inflow to the U.S. must exceed the number of seats available. Err on the side of excess,” reads an Aug. 16 email to U.S. officials involved in the exit from Afghanistan.” WFB
  • Meet FBI J6 mastermind Ray Epps. For some odd reason, he seems immune to prosecution. Revolver

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Hoaxlines Today

  • Pandemic of the VAXXed. 70% of UK death cases are as one would expect. PCR
  • UK: SOMETHING??? Is killing 200% more young boys via cardio problems. Whatever could it be? VP
  • ABP. Vigano hammers USSA Bishops. This guy really believes. LSN


  • The devil is in the details – and your schools. ABC6
  • Is your baby “anti-racist?” The little engine that could not… DailyMail
  • All these horrible trends are not new. LRC

Horace Da MANN!

  • There’s your video. Here’s today’s book (full thing – but please purchase a copy if you like it): THE UNDERGROUND HISTORY by J.T. Gatto. 

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Today’s Featured Topic is: The Cheap Cigar Inflation Index

From the 1957 Sears Christmas Wishbook!

Look at this:

These are cheap, good-enough-for-fishing smokes. Middle box: 50(!) for $3.97. Today, 2021, a single good-enough cheapie is about $3.97 (take the average of a Quorum and a Fresco, for instance). Back then, one stick was, as advertised, TEN CENTS. That’s an increase of 30 times. This is remarkably similar to the increase in (non-wage) costs in houses or as measured against an extended silver dollar. 

Back then, for the longest time, minimum wage was about $1.00 per hour. Of course, today’s minimum wage is $30 per hour, so it’s no big deal. All cigar shop employees make at least $30 per hour, right? What? You say that’s a little off? How could that be???

Whatcha think???

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