PREPPER POST NEWS – Nov. 20, 2020 – Biden Gun Grab???

PREPPER POST NEWS – Nov. 20, 2020 – Biden Gun Grab???


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Today’s Featured Topic is:

Gun Control under a Hypothetical Biden Administration…

It occurred to me too late to check with the Biden-Harris campaign site for a statement on the Second Amendment or gun control. It’s already been scrubbed clean and replaced with a victory statement – very odd weeks ahead of the election. The AP is convinced, though they fail to mention why Kamala hasn’t resigned from the Senate yet. I think I looked at the lame list of policy statements earlier and, if I remember right, they might have rattled off the same, worn liberal talking points about guns. [yawns]

**UPDATE: I did find a statement, de-linked from the general basement forum. Check it out – GUN SAFETY – same old, same old.

But, let’s imagine that Biden does win and become President. Somewhere amidst the corporate cronyism, Israel following, “trans” pandering, “BIPOC” pandering, graft-taking, communism, and climate nonsense, guns will play at least some featured role. 

I am not all that worried – and maybe for what are not the best reasons. 2020 has demonstrated that the left, especially the ultra-violent communist left, embraces guns and is more than willing to use them. We’ve had no false flag events of note outside of the chief story of the year. Guns are for everyone now – pray they never see mass usage – and I think gun control is largely a moot issue (for now) in the fading US. I have plenty more to say today and I have a few articles below.

Whatcha think???

2A Headline Stories in the News

  • A more realistic danger: the ATF is pushing the fake administration to tighten up small items – stabilizers, receivers, etc. Read more at the NRA (for what they’re worth…)
  • A worse bet comes from the statehouses. TEXAS – has introduced a record number of gun control bills even before their thievery, er, legislative session even starts. Also from the NRA

BS is bigger in Texas? NRA

  • No support for gun control! As I said. A poll indicates the issue has the lowest support since 2016. As we’ve been reporting all year, Americans are buying record guns – not supporting bans. Breitbart
  • Back to former VP Biden, Keith Wood has a brief explanation of the old gun control policy page at Guns and Ammo. He remembered this: “when an American worker at an automotive plant challenged Biden on his gun-­control proposals on March 10, 2020, Biden told the voter “You’re full of sh**. I support the Second Amendment.” Really? He should read his own website.” It’s just “common sense” stuff. [yawns] Check that out

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And … More News:

  • No Bareface! Not in Commiefornia, where another new, draconian mandate compels formerly free people to mask up before going outside. OUTSIDE! Yahoo
  • Black Friday is coming! It’s time to spend money you don’t have on things you don’t need – just like the Pilgrims! Big stores are profiting off the pandemic, small stores are failing. Same old song, different hysteria. AFP
  • PPP didn’t help. Hundreds of the businesses that accepted fake money “help” from Uncle Sucker – your taxes, etc. – went bankrupt anyway. Blame it on the “virus,” not the politicians who destroyed the economy. In effect, they just burned the money. WSJ
  • America First! Well, after Israel. The same journalists who are convinced that Biden won now fear that Trump, who hasn’t been big on war, will suddenly go all out (at the end…) against Iran. All for Saudis and Israelis. This, I think, is a projection about what they know their chosen candidate (I mean president-select) will do. Business Insider
  • Asians are White now. I knew this was coming and warned any Asian friend who would hear me. When it comes to merit, some people perform better than others. So, in the name of insane identity politics, “equity,” and the further erosion of America, for statistical purposes, there is now no “yellow” at a school district in Washington (state). HOMESCHOOL! Reason


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Sheldon is a robot professor(!!!) at temple University, teaching the victims in the COVID era. It’s a journalism class so I guess he’ll give them extra commie indoctrination? Heartwarming news for all the real human adjuncts and aspiring teachers of the land! CBS3 Philly

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