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It’s Monday, November 22, 2021

Happy Kyle Rittenhouse Day!

-and Thanksgiving Week, 2021-

Here’s what you need to know.

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Hoaxline Stories in the News

  • Sail the satanic seas? “Disney Cruise to require children 5 and up to have COVID-19 vaccination.” Wesh
  • The coming HUGE gun control fail… Rumors from Austria: “RED ALERT: Austria announces mandatory DeathJab or JAIL or ruinously large fines as of February 1. Not satire. They will take both parents of minor children at the same time, and the parents will be lucky to ever see their children again. I am in no way exaggerating.” AnnB. Do you know how many AKs and FALs are in Austria? The other side is already shooting people. AP.
  • Trust Republicucks at your own risk. “Youngkin Will Allow Virginia Counties, Cities, K-12 Public Schools To Mandate COVID-19 Vaccines And Masks. Virginia Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin will reportedly allow public schools to force COVID-19 vaccines and masks on children when he assumes office.” NatFile
  • He’ll probably cave on CRT too. Garfinkle’s FBI is still on the case. Here’s how they track you “terrorists.” WSJ

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Non-Kyle Headlines Today

  • Poland knows unrestricted warfare when they face it. GazPol
  • The Aspen Institute and … Prince Harry(!) know misinformation… REPORT… Or, just turn off the MSM.
  • Weather Watch. MRNA heart attack season? A big storm may defy the global warming hoax. Watch out, Yankees. Yahooooooooo!
  • Canadian police kill a gunsmith. A setup? CBC

Kyle-Line News

  • Jury intimidation – by MSNBC. Barred from trial. NYPost

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Today’s Featured Topic is: America’s Hero Acquitted

Today and all week, we will celebrate rare justice in America and the great hero, Kyle Rittenhouse.

As he did nothing wrong – everything right, in fact – Kyle was duly ACQUITTED. CBS2CHI.

Some, of course, are in terror (because they are evil). A good summary of their fear and hatred. AmRen.

The moment justice rang out. RT:

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