PREPPER POST NEWS – Nov. 23, 2021 – Society = Family = Kids

 PREPPER POST NEWS – Nov. 23, 2021 – Society = Family = Kids


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Law and Disorder

  • Chief MAGA Horns sentenced to 41 months in “riot” case. Putting the (government diagnosed) mentally ill in prison. Reuters
  • Cucks, churchians, and communists are upset over “Let’s Go Brandon!” chants in a TX church. They hate Brandon Brown? Fox5
  • It’s a total failure. Get rid of the TSA. Reason. And DHS, FBI, CIA, etc.
  • Is this fake news? Or a psyops? Did V. Orban just say it’s take the death jab or die of the hoax?! RT. Stranger things have happened…

Dying to Get In?

  • This story is a lot like my joke of dying nine times of the hoax but getting to vote for fake prez Farts nine times every time I died. A (rather usual suspect) woman says it also happened to her – no word on the votes. Brought to you by the letters B and S. SUN

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Booster Schmuster

  • A LOOOOOONG-term coverup. “Wait what? FDA wants 55 years to process FOIA request over vaccine data.” National “security??” Reuters
  • What does “fully-vaccinated” really mean? The world may never know but a bunch of war criminals are debating another redefinition. Axios
  • The extreme dangers of the death jabs. Some charts from Gibraltar. Eugyppius
  • The Hoax Narrative Collapses. OSHA suspends compliance efforts for our fake president’s fake mandate for businesses. WashTimes
  • Everyone knows he’s a fake. That’s why he has a 36% approval rating. And the 36% were probably confused by the question or something. QuPoll

Out of Africa

  • “Scientists mystified, wary, as Africa avoids COVID disaster.” Yeah, about that… Maybe they need more TV sets? AP

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Legacy Food Storage

Today’s Featured Topic is: No Children = No Future

The Pilgrims, the Africans, and everyone else EXCEPT modern Americans know this is true. So, here we go again, why won’t people have kids? Bloomberg has a poll. 

“A growing share of U.S. adults who aren’t already parents say they probably won’t have children, citing reasons such as apathy, financial instability or the lack of a partner.

A new survey from the Pew Research Center found that 44% of non-parents ages 18 to 49 say it’s not too likely, or not at all likely, that they will have children someday, an increase of 7 percentage points from the 37% who said the same in 2018.

On the show, we’ll briefly examine these stated reasons.

We’ve lost enough Posterity Americans, thank you. With no children, comes no families, and no future society. Period. 

Whatcha think???

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