PREPPER POST NEWS – Nov. 24, 2020 – Debt Jubilee?

PREPPER POST NEWS – Nov. 24, 2020 – Debt Jubilee?


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Today’s Featured Topic is:

Cancel the Debts?

From either a Biblical perspective or an honest economic assessment, the modern American economy is a farce, a hoax, a wreck, and a sin. Forget the great reset – we need a debt cancellation, writ large. It will happen anyway, though now it could be accomplished far more easily than later. 

A few (liberal) politicians are talking about student loans, so some of today’s articles lean that way. But, as Perrin discusses on the cast, there’s a greater scope to this – one that encompasses all (fake) debts and our entire monetary policy.

After we get through these stories – and this is the tip of a huge iceberg – we want your thoughts, your experience, or your … whatever you’ll share! So,

Whatcha think???

DEBTline Stories in the News

  • Oh, no! Because of what the virus did … debt slaves, er, borrowers have not been making payments on school loans. That is set to end even though nothing is normal and we’re told the virus is worse than ever. “If you’re like more than 37 million student loan borrowers, you probably haven’t made a single payment to your education debt since March, when bills were put on hold due to the coronavirus crisis.” MSN/CNBC
  • Student Loan Forgiveness. Bernie had the idea. “Real Indian” Warren had the idea. Now, allegedly Biden has some inkling about it. BTW: Trump and the GOP SHOULD HAVE picked this up and run with it. Biden – if the AP is right… – may act, or he may not. Read more at TheHill.
  • End of the College as We Know it?? No, the old ways no longer make sense, especially in the age of Marxist propaganda instead of education and the radical changes in our economy and society. Things will change and how best are young people to cope? A few ideas at the WSJ.
  • Even the “Pope” weighs in. The alleged “Pope” Francis encourages young people to reset the economy. He’s – whoever he is (not Benedict…) – on the right track, even if he’s wandering along. ChannelsTV

COVID World Disorder

  • A Catholic Bishop is urging – and this is incredibly healthy – Christians NOT to immediately jump on the “vaccine” bandwagon. He’s concerned about stem cells being used in the development, even as at least one drug company denies the practice. There’s much to be skeptical of, including drugmaker claims. I know what you good folks think about all this. HeraldMailMedia
  • Thanksgiving is a superspreader event, so says the CDC. Accordingly, they don’t want you traveling or celebrating this week. A story from the 2020 Election “deciding” AP.

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

  • Did this thing come from bats? We know very little, nearly a year into the mess. A scientist in China sheds a little light: “Shi, known as China’s “bat woman,” has said the genetic characteristics of the viruses she’s worked on didn’t match those of the coronavirus spreading in humans. The outbreak has infected more than 57.6 million people worldwide and killed over 1.37 million.” Bloomberg

Clandestine Operations

  • The CIA, which likes to stay out of the news, even as it manufactures much of it, is back in the headlines. For instance, they’re building a contracted “cloud” system for purposes unknown, beyond “helping” the spy community. Billions of dollars for what? NextGov
  • There’s a suggestion that the voting records server seized in Germany – which the MSM is now reluctantly coming around to – may have been part of a CIA black site. In related news, Glen Greenwald is back and fighting off allegations that he has endangered CIA agent lives by correctly asserting that they control much of the US media news. RT




Legacy Food Storage



Germany: a story and a trend to keep a wary eye on. Is this the end of the “rainbow?” 

“Berlin investigators have arrested a man on suspicion of murder and cannibalism, after discovering the bones of a man who disappeared in September.

The suspect, reportedly a high school teacher, is believed to have carried out a sexually motivated homicide, according to the public prosecutor. 

“The suspect had an interest in cannibalism,” Berlin prosecutors’ office spokesman Martin Steltner told The Associated Press. “He searched online for the topic.”

LGBT…C? DWnews



For putting up with all the foregoing and the day’s news, here’s a happy story about a very small owl finding a new home!


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