PREPPER POST NEWS – Nov. 25, 2020 – Readin’, Rightin’, and Ready … to Collapse

PREPPER POST NEWS – Nov. 25, 2020 – Readin’, Rightin’, and Ready … to Collapse


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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Here’s what you need to know.


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First, a very quick word before our daily feature!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in the United States and we at FP hope it finds you well! The “health authorities” have a warm message for you: “Health officials make their final pleas for holiday caution as coronavirus cases spike.” Praise to God Almighty if this really is their final plea! NewsTimes

Our Daily Feature!

Going forward, at the beginning of each video-podcast episode of Prepper Post News (Monday through Friday), Perrin will introduce an important topic. Following the introductory presentation, we ask that you, our beloved readers, treat the comments section under the YouTube video (embedded above for today) as a discussion forum.

Tell us what you think! A few house rules: 1) feel free to be for, against, or neutral concerning the topic; 2) tell us as much or as little as you like; 3) try to keep the comments relatively on-topic; 4) keep it nice, please (no attacking each other), and; 5) no spam, please – we can do without the illegal sneakers and so forth. 

Today’s Featured Topic is:

The End of “Education”

This segment builds on what I said recently, with help from your comments, about the state of the schools. And, it’s spurred today by a Fred Reed column. Perrin has a lot more to say on this shocking and rather important topic. Please watch, listen, and comment away! Here’s Fred’s excellent (as always) take at UNZ.

Whatcha think???

Rumors of War in the News

  • Everyone is talking about a coming (or in progress) civil war in the US. Here’s another great look at the subject with a political slant and a hint of Marxist history repeating. And, no, I don’t think there’s any stopping it now. That time passed decades ago. Crisis
  • Damon Linker says America is buckling. He’s right though his blame for Trump is a little misplaced. The symptom is not the cause. TheWeek
  • We are under attack from all sides, including from the south. Last month saw record arrests of illegal invaders on the Mexican border. This, during the tenure of a build the wall presidency. 5,000 migrants a day make it in. Why this isn’t treated as a full military emergency is beyond me, as we know immigration, for many reasons, is worse than open war. MSN
  • Overseas, the threats still remain. The days change, little else does. Like the birds flying south for the winter, the B-52s are back in the Middle East. And it’s not the musical B-52s… JPost

Not-so-Supermarket News…

  • It’s panic buying season again – ahead of black Friday. Here’s one of many new stories about people depleting the store shelves, here, in Spokane. Same excuse, same items. Beware. KREM2
  • And, according to the “experts” whom we look forward to not hearing from again – final plea and all – supermarkets are THE places to catch “the virus.” How about some common-sense supermarket control? SUN

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

The Tech…

  • The technology was supposed to make life easy – and that could have been a false premise and a trap itself. But, people go with the trends. One of them is the Roomba vacuum cleaner – which, we have known for a while, spies on you. Here’s more. StudyFinds
  • As the appliances can be hacked, so too can the human brain if wired up to the AI of the very near future. Some present this as a good thing! Your thoughts. Forbes




Legacy Food Storage



A heartwarming story to close us out today: NYC Mayor Bill DeBlabbio and NT Governor Coma-O headed into Central Park to enjoy some … no, wait! “Rat school is in session as fed-up New Yorkers try to learn how to deal with a surging rodent population. Rats as big as bunnies are roaming the streets in broad daylight, nesting in trees and chewing through car engine wires…” I thought this was about… Oh, well, have a great day! NYPost

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