PREPPER POST NEWS – Nov. 27, 2020 – Black Friday

PREPPER POST NEWS – Nov. 27, 2020 – Black Friday


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Today’s Featured Topic is:

Does Nothing Matter Until #BlackFridayMatters?

That’s just a catchy phrase, appropriate for today’s festivities, that nominally addresses some of the larger issues we’re facing. While millions of people, surely wearing millions of masks, are shopping, big decisions and processes are unfolding. If you haven’t noticed, America and/or the United States (semantics, sort of) are under multiple attacks. The left is relentless and they are to be credited for their efforts. Salute, Communists! How do you think “we” – on the Right – are doing at the moment? I understand the value of hope, but I want to speak to logistics and strategy. 

Listen to what Perrin says and asks today on the cast. What kind of and level of response do you think is wise for what we’re collectively facing? Inaction or missteps are, of course, options. In the past, letters have been written to the current President, some with happy notions, others with advice. Believe it or not, the mechanisms, legal and material, are available to address many if not most of the major problems we face. Should you want to add your two cents, and you want a cheap form letter reply, then write the White House!

Whatcha think???

Headline Stories in the News


  • Vox Day, as usual, is on target with an address to Rush Limbaugh of all people. The evidence, real and admissible, is there. 

“The evidence is devastating. We know the programmer who developed the vote-stealing routine. We know the Serbian team that programmed the software. We know what companies were involved and where their servers were located. We know the algorithm. We can replicate the vote totals as they were recorded. We can match the vote-switching to the data feed that went out to the media networks with the recordings of the media broadcasts.

But Rush is underwhelmed, because he’s a Boomer who doesn’t know how to use his iPhone and has absolutely no clue about what any of this all means, even though the lawyers have boiled it down to the simplest possible explanation.


It’s infuriating that these media morons a) won’t accept the simple statement without evidence, then b) reject the evidence because it’s too complicated for them.VP

  • Keep those chins up, but the other side is making plans – that look a lot like a return of government by, for, and of the swamp. Biden’s Globalism First! Reuters
  • This will include Janet Yellen at the Treasury, continuing an insidious tradition. Yahoo
  • I replied to a recent comment with this link earlier this week. Gary Barnett is right: COVID is less a disease, and more a gateway to the Great Reset. Great, huh? LRC

Time To Leave?

  • When a nation falls, one can always count on the rats who wrecked it trying to jump ship at the last minute. So, it’s unsurprising that the US elites are seeking “golden passports” to escape the mess they helped make. Bloomberg
  • For the rest of us … “they” have plans. I saw a similar story out of ChiCom China and discounted it. It’s just as well because the private airlines are planning the same thing: digital, mark of the beast, COVID passports. Have one, submit and be “vaccinated,” or stay put. TheWeek
  • This is already in action, internally. See this story about the Rotten Apple and NY State, under police-enforced lockdown. MSN

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More News…

  • Europe is under attack too. While millions suffer through the ridiculous new abnormal and silently prepare for the reset, the usual suspects are upset about the way poor, noble enemy invaders are treated by the cruel police in Paris. Sound familiar? AP
  • Best 3rd quarter ever! For Wall Street and the banksters. Other, less important people are losing their homes in record numbers and/or they soon expect to. Not too big to fail… YahooFin
  • As vaguely promised, here’s Perrin’s take on the parallel problems of US foreign policy and central banking. With respect to the editor, as I noted “the Republic” is long-dead, and these are two bad issues, but not the worst. TPC






George Soros has gone to church! Oh, wait, it was just another scheme to buy off the Southern Baptists. “A report from Enemies within the Church, printed below, contains documents obtained by the filmmakers that link grants and funding from leftist billionaires to the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention and its head Russell Moore. The documents include grant data showing the Democracy Fund provided $50,000 to the controversial ERLC’s and The Gospel Coalition’s MLK50 Conference. Other documents in the report include Dr. Moore’s name in the Podesta emails published in 2016 by Wikileaks….“ Friends, keep the charlatans out of your Churches! VP

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