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Going forward, at the beginning of each video-podcast episode of Prepper Post News (Monday through Friday), Perrin will introduce an important topic. Following the introductory presentation, we ask that you, our beloved readers, treat the comments section under the YouTube video (embedded above for today) as a discussion forum.

Tell us what you think! A few house rules: 1) feel free to be for, against, or neutral concerning the topic; 2) tell us as much or as little as you like; 3) try to keep the comments relatively on-topic; 4) keep it nice, please (no attacking each other), and; 5) no spam, please – we can do without the illegal sneakers and so forth. 

Today’s Featured Topic is:

(Feature One) “Shared Sacrifice”

Last week, a story caught my attention. The Washington Post ran a story praising remarks made by Joe Biden, whom the AP has determined won the 2020 presidential election. Because it was a WaPo piece, they also criticized President Trump. But, back to Biden – and read that article – he called for Americans to share in the sacrifices needed in order to implement the Great Reset. It could have been something to do with fighting a pandemic, but what’s the difference? He talked about a dark winter, masks, distances, and more – though, I’ll admit, he did strike an optimistic tone at times. 

As we’ve seen, and as we’ll see in some more stories today, Americans have been sacrificing all year. In fact, it almost looks like someone has sacrificed them. So, our question for the day, together and for Mr. Biden, is: What will the federal government sacrifice in order to help get back to normal? I have some ideas that I’ll share.

But, first, how about a second MAJOR issue?

(Feature Two) Evidence and Allegation! ENTER THE KRAKEN!

  • Not so fast. Sydney Powell promised a Kraken of a lawsuit, and HERE IT IS, in federal court in Georgia. Exhibits – where the facts lurk – are missing, though they are repeatedly referenced, meaning they’re on file with the court. Is this a game-changer? I comment extensively on this development on today’s cast! And I address this matter in my weekly column, linked here.

If this isn’t evidence, then…

Either one or both …whatcha think???

Sacrificial Headline Stories in the News


  • These New Yorkers have been sacrificing food, during these abnormal times. Food lines, bread lines were a hallmark of the failing USSR. What does this say about 2020 Amerika? DailyMail
  • Millions of despairing Americans have been sacrificed on the altar of drug addiction. Oregon recently, by popular vote, essentially decriminalized even the harder drugs. Instead of going to jail, addicts will go to treatment – online for now. This is, or could be great, but again, my question is why do so many feel the need to resort to intoxication, to begin with? WSJ
  • “Vaccinations” in the US may start as early as December 11, just ahead of the legal election. The FP community has spoken on this matter, however, if (IF) this works out, will it help return to normalcy? And, what is that anymore? RT
  • Is “normal” destined to be “dystopian?” Another thoughtful look at some causes and effects, a plausible economic pretext for the Reset. UNZ.

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War Talk

  • A CIA officer was just killed in Somalia. I’m surprised it made the news, but here we are. What business has the US, other than to return Somalis home from the US, in Somalia?! Why are we there, still? Just because? CNN
  • Let’s you and him fight? Israel prepares for a possible (and utterly stupid) war … between the US and Iran. This is a potential mess of more questions without answers; we’ll be most fortunate if they never require asking. AXIOS. Is this complicated by the Kraken evidence, or by the recent death of an Iranian nuclear scientist?
  • If Trump is, as the AP indicates, on his way out, will he, in the end, go all out against Iran? Or someone else? The Saker gives this matter more thought than an ordinary commentator. The last hurrah? UNZ






On Thanksgiving’s show, I made bare mention of an Andover, MA tradition. Friday came and went and I forgot about it. This weekend, I checked, and … somehow, even in crazy 2020, they managed to pull off the 33rd Annual Feaster Five road race! Even under current “restrictions,” they still held the contest, though this year was kind of remote, kind of. Find out more about how that worked at There was a treadmill and an app for that! Who knew? Hopefully, 2021 will see a return to full normalcy. Congratulations to Patricia Maher and all the category winners and participants. Pies this year? No?



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