PREPPER POST NEWS – Nov. 8, 2021 – Uniting or Dividing?

PREPPER POST NEWS – Nov. 8, 2021 – Uniting or Dividing?


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It’s Monday, November 8, 2021

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Law and Disorder in the News

  • Roll on! Low-budget NJ trucker ousting State Senate President. ABC6
  • Bigger Brother. Beware the digital driver’s license. Gateway
  • Someone named “Biden” (??????) is the president of something? Anyway, an Ashley Biden (not Babbit, the unarmed White Woman murdered by the police during the peaceful protests at the Capitol) lost her diary. Now, for whatever reason, the FBI is raiding Project Veritas. Yahoo
  • The same SS FBI may have sat on very clear video evidence, which like all the evidence, shows that hero Kyle Rittenhouse DID NOTHING WRONG. Zerohedge. (Disturbing images at link**)
  • Thank God Kyle was armed! Are you? We are still having panic runs on ammo, etc. StarTribune

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Youngins Today

  • The kids now spend more time on screens than ever before – and that’s a LOT. 8 hours might be a tad too much. StudyFinds
  • Institutional schools can’t find wardens willing to torture children for slave wages. … Good! SunSent.
  • The College Con. More evidence of financialized disaster. “College costs have increased by 169% since 1980—but pay for young workers is up by just 19%.” Look at the charts… CNBC

World War C

  • Some SOB, MD says the “pandemic” is almost over. Let the trials begin. Mediaite
  • Another warning from another whistleblower about Pfizer. “Leading medical journal The BMJ has published an incendiary report exposing faked data, blind trial failures, poorly trained vaccinators, and a slow follow-up on adverse reactions in the phase-three trial of Pfizer’s Covid jab.” Never trust Big Dope. RT

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Legacy Food Storage

Today’s Featured Topic is: Church of the Least Holy Cave-In

See this:

Now, consider THIS.

“Unity = joining-with evil

Members of Christian churches may have noticed that, just as ‘obedience’ nowadays means compliance with the agenda of evil; ‘unity’ now means joining with the alliance of evil: joining the evil side in the spiritual war.

We can disengage from futile battles to ‘save’ institutions that are already (and willingly) lost; and focus our efforts on the real war, with real allies.

And, whatever happens in mortal life on earth (and that outcome cannot be predicted, so long as some Men consciously live from their freedom, and some of these choose to be agents of God); sure and certain knowledge of the resurrected life everlasting to come, means that those who choose the side of Good (rather than ‘unity’) will win: ultimately and finally.”

Someone did not come to unite, bring feelz, and be all lovey-dovey with His enemies.

Whatcha think???

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