PREPPER POST NEWS – Oct. 12, 2021 – Gifted and Talented

PREPPER POST NEWS – Oct. 12, 2021 – Gifted and Talented


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War Stories in the News

  • US Marines advising the DPP would be like RUS Spetsnaz advising Alabama militias. Washington isn’t just evil, it’s also hypocritical. VP
  • China is unconcerned: “The only thing that matters for the US and its allies is that how big a price they want to pay to test China’s strength and determination on this matter.” GlobalTimes
  • Scott Ritter: US doesn’t have the capacity to defend Taiwan anyway: “Two things come to mind—by the time the US cavalry was ready to arrive in Taiwan, they would be about 83 days too late.” RT
  • John Ryan on the US’s 40+ year intervention (for nothing) in Afghanistan. UNZ
  • Payback or blowback? Someone is running an international war against the CIA. DNYUZ
  • No worries, thanks to “Tippy,” but the Pentagram said that a lack of massive new debts constituted a “national security crisis.” USNEWS

The Euro-Front

  • Antipope Bergoglio’s Swiss Guard is abandoning him (thanks be to God) over his illegal VAXX mandate. May it spread. GloRes
  • Poland stands! High court tells the EU to pound sand. Nationalistic hope rises. ZeroHedge

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Hoaxlines Today

  • The daily pill(s) come out soon! Why, then, is it so important to “get the vaxx?” Other than dope dealer profits, I mean. BTW, the pills can still kill you just like the jabs. LRC
  • Alberta, CAN: any contact with healthcare equals a positive COVID case. “In order to keep the “case” count high and the plandemic moving right along, government officials in Alberta, Canada, are now counting all illnesses as “covid” in order to justify all the tyranny. * In an announcement, Alberta Chief Health Officer Deena Hinshaw explained that people who test “negative” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), as well as people who never get tested at all but who show respiratory symptoms of any kind, will be automatically added to the official case count that the government relays to the media.” GloRes

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Today’s Featured Topic is: No gifts or talents in NYC Skuulz…

When will the dopes tire of De Blasio? Probably never, given the low state of the City.

Legacy Food Storage

“New York City will phase out its program for gifted and talented students that critics say favors whites and Asian American students, while enrolling disproportionately few Black and Latino children, in the nation’s largest school system.

Starting in the next school year, the city will stop giving 4-year-olds a screening test used to identify gifted and talented students, according to an outline of the plan released by the city’s education department on Friday.

The program currently admits only 2,500 pupils a year out of 65,000 kindergartners citywide.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said the change will help tens of thousands get advanced instruction, instead of just a select few.

The city will instead train all kindergarten teachers to provide accelerated learning in which students use more advanced skills such as robotics, computer coding, community organizing or advocacy on projects while staying in their regular classrooms. The city will also screen students going into third grade to determine if they would benefit from accelerated learning in various subjects while staying in their classrooms.

Despite being among the most diverse cities in the United States, New York City’s public schools have long been derided as among the most segregated. Its gifted and talented program has underscored many of the educational system’s inequities.”


Contrast that to the lavish spending on “special education.” The bar will be lowered until no one can pass under it…


Whatcha think???

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