PREPPER POST NEWS – Oct. 15, 2021 – Heavy Video Friday

PREPPER POST NEWS – Oct. 15, 2021 – Heavy Video Friday


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Jobline Stories in the News

  • 4 million people, 3% of the workforce, quit in August. Surprised? When you’re not paid anywhere near what’s necessary or what you’re worth (4-24 times less, in most cases), what’s the point? MSN
  • Comic writers will be unemployed soon as DC decides the Man of Steel has a limp wrist. Now we know what the “S” stood for… DNYUZ
  • Want to get paid to fly planes? They have openings as pilots are now dying of GUESS WHAT??? Mid-flight. There’s a slight cover-up going on. Nothing to see. Perfectly safe. Etc. VP
  • The labor market and the economy are going the way of the American nation. “…white people. Their future is death and obliteration. And the dumbshits sit there, with guns in their safes, sucking their thumbs, voting for Democrats, taking the death jab, sending their kids to public schools and universities to be brainwashed against white people. Such a people are already dead. An overstatement? Perhaps. The Jews thought Mein Kampf was an overstatement and ignored the writing on the wall.” PCR
  • Have 200K people in the USSA already died like the Delta pilot? Yes. VIDEO included, here. LRC

Non-Hoax Medical News

  • A new combination of drugs allegedly destroys cancer. Can we trust the “science?” And, if we can and it works, how will they block it to keep people sick? Guardian

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  • Alan Sabrosky speaks to the undeniable Israeli involvement in Operation Northwoods – 10 years ago. Most have long since forgotten if they ever knew. And, given the past 2 years, this seems a little lame. Still:
  • The DOJ [SIC] is out to bust terrorist parents and so forth. Will they lift a finger against out of control criminal students? Probably not. VIDEO included. 4WWLTV
  • About those “terrorist” parents: Tucker looks at the issue honestly, if through a civ-nat lens:

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Today’s Featured Topic is: A “Terrorist” Speaks!

Nicole Solas is a cute, all-American mom, with a slight attachment to civ-nattery. Still, she has the story of the week! She asked about CRT, et al in her child’s elementary school and was stonewalled. When she filed a FOIA request and got the answers, she was attacked, libeled, and SUED by the NAE about the harm evil people would suffer if the school’s plans were made public. RT.

Her kids are safe now, but why did she put them in the system to begin with??

WARNING: “Terrorist”

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