PREPPER POST NEWS – Oct. 18, 2021 – Virginia (’s Government) is for Nazis

PREPPER POST NEWS – Oct. 18, 2021 – Virginia (’s Government) is for Nazis


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Weapons in the News

  • Norway: Never forget the power of the mighty bow. RT
  • UK: Or the knife. SKY

Hoaxline News

  • OBEY! The final variant
  • Hey! The VAXX is totally safe!
  • At least one NY judge doesn’t want the state to collapse, overrules Nazi Governoress on health worker murder mandate. InfoWars
  • Southwest Airlines employees refuse to obey the fake Nazi president currently usurping the White House. May it spread. AND

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Tina Toon Sees It Too!


  • More young would-be cubicle slaves are leaving the cities literally for the farms! CBS

Ed Issues…

  • The “Nation’s Report Card” shows about what one would expect. “Math and reading test scores for the country’s 13-year-olds have dropped sharply in comparison to numbers from 2012, with some of the lowest-scoring test takers falling the furthest behind.” This has to do with “white supremacy” or lack of funding or something – anything but a terminal demographic collapse. YAWN! TheHill
  • Wear a diaper or go to jail. A Wyoming high school girl was arrested for being normal. HOMESCHOOL! Fox5

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Legacy Food Storage

Today’s Featured Topic is: Government School = Rape, Cover-up, and Arresting Dad

This story out of Loudoun County, VA is almost unbelievable, except that it’s VA in the USSA in 2021.

“When Scott Smith tried to raise the matter of his daughter’s rape by a ‘skirt-wearing’ male student at Loudoun County School in Virginia, the 48-year-old plumber was dragged from the room of the school board meeting and when a video of the incident went viral, was ridiculed on social media as some sort of deranged, right-wing nutter.

Funny thing is, it looks like Smith was right. The then-14-year-old boy had been arrested for the assault on his daughter but the local sheriff’s department did not release details of the attack at the time largely due to the legal position on dealing with two juveniles so the incident went under the radar. The same boy, however, was later arrested at a different school after allegedly holding another girl in a classroom where he attacked her.”


Like daughter, like father. RT.

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