PREPPER POST NEWS – Oct. 21, 2021 – Fight or Lose

PREPPER POST NEWS – Oct. 21, 2021 – Fight or Lose


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OOPS! Stories in the News

  • Anything bad you hear about the federal reserve is a “conspiracy theory,” probably from Russia. The fact that Jay Powell engaged in massive insider trading means nothing! In fact, it proves that everything is working well. Back to work, slaves! AmProspect
  • Same goes for the VAXX! If there was anything wrong with it, like Colin Powell dying or something, then we’d hear about it. Unless they covered all of it up and constantly threatened everyone. VP

VAXX Mania

  • What do you know? More Vaxx’n does not equal fewer cases. Almost the opposite. Odd, right? FEE
  • Some of that crazy “science” suggests that not only is the poison dangerous but it’s more deadly than the disease it was allegedly designed to cure. GlobRes
  • Hoax Hysteria is real. A 75% increase in psychosis cases from 2020 to 2021. Guardian

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More Hoaxlines Today

  • Why we must fight and win the battles over the hoax, the mandates, and all. ConTree
  • Our side has the highest IQs. Would they denigrate any other group? Probably. AmThinker
  • Contrary to the norm, says a smart doctor, this “pandemic” was taylormade for the fake VAXX – and more. GatewayP
  • BIG MEDICAL STUDY – sorry, no video… There is no reason to VAXX the kinds or anyone else. H-O-A-X. ScienceDirect

Non (Big) Hoax

  • Why can’t Americans do what the Afghans did? Al Stankard wants to know. It probably has to do with Afghanistan being a nation for the Afghans and America being a failed, diluted, declining cesspool. RT

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Today’s Featured Topic is: No Marriages = No Society

Rachel Hoover has a great article at CRISIS about the many reasons many to most young American Catholics are not getting married and having families. Take out “Catholics” and you have most all young Americans.

MANY REASONS, all related to post-modern decline and none of them good. 

And, she leaves off a lot.

Still, there’s hope:

“Most couples consider their love story an almost-miracle: “God brought us together!” For traditional Catholics, meeting a perfect match might really be considered an event so statistically improbable that it requires divine intervention. But I won’t leave you with that thought; as nice as miracles are, they are rare, and the idea that it would take a miracle to get anyone to marry you sounds a bit depressing. Instead, I’ll suggest a way out of this mess.”

Read the whole thing and we’ll discuss it on the show.

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