PREPPER POST NEWS – Oct. 25, 2021 – Tales of the Amerikan Taliban

PREPPER POST NEWS – Oct. 25, 2021 – Tales of the Amerikan Taliban


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A Wicked Economic Cycle

  • Things are bad, so people hoard. Which makes things worse. Which… Yahoo
  • Things are about to get MUCH worse. RT
  • The supply chain excuse is real, but more of an excuse for what they don’t want to discuss. And, the fake president has what to fight it with? The NG? He’s gonna declare war on container ships? This is known as an admission of failure. WaPo

Shipping or Russia?

  • A supply “war” in Long Beach would beat the real thing with Russia. Your fake SecDef is out of his mind and his league. PCR. Come to think of it, I don’t believe they can defeat the cargo – and it can’t fight back.

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Alarming Hoaxlines Today

  • Big Dope: Evil governments put evil corporate profits ahead of public health and safety. I’m sure the contract worshipers are happy, but this shit is killing people. WaPo
  • It might well be that 95% of all “VAXX” deaths and injuries are unreported. If so – and it has to be so – then the poison has already killed, this year in the USSA alone, over 300,000 people – many times more than the weak WuFlu. PULSE
  • Italy (and elsewhere): the government revises down the COVI-deaths: “Is Italy looking for an exit from the CoronaScam? Italian Department of Health revises all-time Covid deaths down from 130,000+ to… 3783.” Got it? AnnB


  • The Principles of Veriphysics
  • The truth is that which exists independent of any human perception, sense, or analysis.
  • The truth must be always be the foundation of any correct idea, concept, ideal, objective, policy, or principle.
  • The fullness of the truth cannot be conclusively and comprehensively established from any human perspective or by any human method.
  • Every partial truth is perceived on a gradiant that depends upon both the perspective and the method utilized to determine it.
  • The not-truth can be conclusively established by a wide variety of methods, including logic, observation, statistical analysis, mathematics, and experiment.
  • The practical objective of veriphysical analysis is to construct reliable predictive models that provide a sound basis for pragmatic decisions which produce observable results that correspond with the predictions derived from the models.

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Legacy Food Storage

Today’s Featured Topic is: Torturing Girls

First, here’s another complete lie, BS story from Afghanistan. They say this is bad. Oops, sorry, they were caught in real-time with that one. But, Taliban BAD!

This story, from Colorado, is GOOD though…

“A student in Academy School District 20 said she was forced to tape her mask to her face at school in Colorado Springs. The student’s mother said it happened after the student’s face mask kept falling off in class.

The school district said it started getting reports about this happening at Chinook Trail Middle School last week. It’s still not clear what happened leading up to the mask taping.”

They are “investigating.” If this is true, and if this investigation does not result in extreme punishments, then…


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