PREPPER POST NEWS – Oct. 28, 2021 – Adverse Effects

PREPPER POST NEWS – Oct. 28, 2021 – Adverse Effects


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News Media in the News

  • Big News laughed when blue collar Americans lost their jobs thanks to crony kapitalism. Now that it’s happening to them, it’s suddenly a crisis. The Atlantic on the fall of the Chiraq Tribune. VP: “After all, these days, people don’t need newspapers any more than they need buggy whips.” Har. Har.
  • Again, the Chinese will limit financialization in order to preserve real industries (including tech and media) and wages. This GT story half touches on the hard truth.
  • Israel admits they stepped in it by bringing down the international press in May’s Gaza adventure. RT
  • “Professor Rat” explains the real problem: Pearls:


  • You want videos? Then go to UATV and subscribe. Watch Wranglestar prepare to combat a wild fire on the homestead:

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“Your” Government Today

  • 17 years of torture for … nothing. Is this a war crime? RT
  • Remember, they’re now doing the same things to us under the false guise of domestic J6 nationalist terror… RollingStone
  • Who elected this guy? Oh, yeah…

A Hoax

  • U. Maine lunatics go nuts over a fake hate crime that never happened. Seriously reconsider college in the USSA. CollegeFix

THE Hoax

  • Another warning from another expert: “This letter from Marc Wathelet, PhD, Expert in Molecular Biology and Immunology, is addressed to the Belgian Minister of Health, Frank Vandenbroucke, and analyzes not only the mandates imposed on health care workers but also the vaccination of children and the “Safe Ticket” vaccination passport intended for the general population. The content of the letter is relevant not only to the Belgian situation but also to that of other countries adopting this kind of coercive measures, that are particularly questionable as for their public health benefits.” Covexit.

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Legacy Food Storage

Today’s Featured Topic is: VAERS Melts Down From Surge in Effects and Deaths

As underreported as AE are in the USSA, we still have a … wait for it … 5,427% Increase in AE Deaths thanks to the hoax poison… PCR.

“Dr. Jessica Rose has a BSc in Applied Mathematics and completed her MSc in Immunology at Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canada. She completed her PhD in Computational Biology at Bar Ilan University and then did her first Post Doctorate at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Molecular Biology.

To date, she has compiled some of the best analysis of the VAERS data that I have seen this year. We have published some of her previous presentations: STUDY: Government’s Own Data Reveals that at Least 150,000 Probably DEAD in U.S. Following COVID-19 Vaccines, Study: Analysis of VAERS Shows the COVID Shots are Likely Cause of Deaths, Spontaneous Abortions, Cardiovascular, Neurological, and Immunological Adverse Events”

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