PREPPER POST NEWS – Oct. 29, 2021 – Prison Cell Truth

PREPPER POST NEWS – Oct. 29, 2021 – Prison Cell Truth


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  • Yearly boosters might end up being kind of light… TheHill
  • Can a country become OVER-vaxxed??? Israel is finding out. JPost
  • Nation after nation proves this is a pandemic of the VACCINE. PCR
  • If the fake admin gets its hellish way, mass unemployment will kick in as us second-class unvaxxed serfs meet the pink slips. Chronicles
  • But not just yet. Big Biz wants to delay the death sentence so they can survive the 4th quarter. CNBC

Cause and Effect

  • Another peaceful protest in NYC. City workers block traffic while fighting the vaxx mandates. Oddly, the MSM isn’t on their side. Newsweek
  • Cultural divides in the office. This sounds a little like the fake hate hoax at U. Maine. Black workers fear returning to the White office over micro-nonsense and such. This is natural segregation among other things. CBS

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Skoolz Headlines Today

  • Hoax sends college enrollment to 50-year low. Good! CNBC
  • Yale Law is exactly the SJW mess one would expect. Never apologize to these idiots! Persuasion
  • Ilana Mercer: “U.S. Kids Can’t Read, Write or Do Math, but Are No. 1 in Critical Race Theory” AmRen


  • It’s this Sunday. Michael Snyder posts his annual warning. Take a good look at this year’s slightly different message. Read his other previous articles too. 

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Today’s Featured Topic is: A Freedom Within

Roosh reviews “The Prison Notes Of Polish Catholic Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski.” This is remarkable and very timely.


“If a citizen does not demand his rights, he is no longer a citizen. He becomes a slave.”

“I must concede that all Your ways are mercy and truth! Suffering is diluted in the experience of love. Punishment ceases to be retaliation, because it is a medicine administered with fatherly gentleness. Sadness that torments the soul becomes the plowing of fallow ground for new seed. Loneliness becomes the act of gazing at You more closely. The malice of men is an education in silence and humility. Separation from one’s work brings an increase in one’s diligence and dedication. The prison cell reveals the truth: we have no permanent dwelling here… Let no one, then, think ill of You, Father; let no one assault You with accusations of severity—for You are good, for Your mercy is everlasting.

My misery does not hinder me in serving the mercy of God by providing people with the benefits that the world regards as most valuable. This was how Christ himself lived—scorned by the mob, ragged, beaten, covered with street mud, spat upon. And yet it was He Who saved the world—and saved it even though the world sneered at its Saviour. How closely these two roads parallel each other. My inadequacy is supported by sacramental grace; the “inadequacy” of Jesus the Man is supported by His divinity… Let the world laugh, as long as the work of redemption is effected.”

“Weak Christians

[There are] contemporary “progressive” Catholics. “Progressive” in what? In evil. They make constant progress in succumbing to all, increasingly weak, temptations. Am I to be scandalized by them? No, rather I should grow wiser, so that I myself will not be tempted by the devil.”

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