PREPPER POST NEWS – Oct. 7, 2021 – A Casualty Report

PREPPER POST NEWS – Oct. 7, 2021 – A Casualty Report


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It’s Thursday, October 7, 2021

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China in the News

  • Sooner or later, they will reclaim Taiwan. There’s nothing the dead gay empire can or should do about this. Ho. Hum. GlobalTimes
  • The USSA can’t build new nuclear reactors either. See Vogel 3 and 4. However, China launches entire new generations of power plants – for the future (they have one). EnergyCtrl


  • Tony B, Dummy-nic Strauss-CON, and King Ab-dumbass can all go hang. Of course, Shakira, Cluadia Schiffer, and any other attractive ladies did nothing wrong. (Perrin maintains consistency…)

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Abortions, Guns, and Money

  • What do you know?! Economists (a shaky lot) see some inflation?! What’s that? High inflation. An era of it. MarketWatch
  • Abortion, guns, and religion may get a glance from the Morgul lords. How might that work out? AP
  • Know what the enemy fears? Married mothers! Vox notes the extreme fear and hatred of the dreaded TRAD MOMS!!! “Globohomo Fears the Tradwife. Satan’s little servitors are worried about the declining appeal of one of their greatest weapons, feminism:” Read the underlying BS article. Hilarious. Go, moms! Most important jobs in the world. 

World War C

  • Is Covid a bioweapon? YES! If you can make it through the long Alex Jonesiness of it, AJ does a great job, again, getting out the truth. “Emergency Saturday Broadcast! Pentagon A.I. Confirms Covid Shots Triggering Deadly ADE In The Vaccinated.”
  • The cover-up: ER Doc: “I previously worked briefly on a — ward. After seeing multiple cases of stroke after both AZ and Pfizer, I questioned senior staff about reporting to tga. I was told tga has provided guidelines on what platelet count, fibrinogen, and d-dimer level they consider relevant when reporting adverse effects. Because of this, doctors were no longer reporting anything that didn’t match the tga recommendation. In the ED I have seen 5 cases of pulmonary embolism in patients under 30, 6 cases of pericarditis, 4 of myocarditis in patients from teenage to early 40s, multiple cardiac arrest, strokes and cases of anaphylaxis after these jabs. This is all in the past 8 weeks. Given I am one doctor out of approx 95 who cover 3 shifts daily, working only 4 days per week, in a rural hospital, I can’t imagine what the actual numbers are nation wide. I can equivocally say that these are not being considered related. I feel that this is primarily because medical and nursing fields do not want to admit they have been deceived and this is more so since mandates for healthcare workers have been announced.” VP

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Today’s Featured Topic is: What The Poison Does

At this point…

Legacy Food Storage

“A doctor provides the bloodwork on a patient pre- and post-vaccination. Prior to the first vaccination.

Granulocyte 58.9 (38-75)

Lymphocyte 33.8 (15-49)

The results were in the normal range. After the second vaccination:

Granulocyte 79.6

Lymphocite 13.8

NKCells 64 (74-162)

The doctor said the results are similar to what one would see in someone suffering from an autoimmune disease.”

By. The. Way…

Here’s the fat, gay, gamma retard “response:” an attack on … something – something, anything other than what Dr. Thompson discussed:

You can literally see the difference between the subject strong, helpful alpha and the deviant round, stupid gamma in the corner shadows:

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