PREPPER POST NEWS – October 4, 2021 – Nurses Know

PREPPER POST NEWS – October 4, 2021 – Nurses Know


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It’s Monday, October 4, 2021

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Headline Stories in the News

  • Always behind the times. The “Conservatives” and the writers who write about them are just starting to notice the civil war that has been in progress for some time. Atlantic
  • DEBT: “With a potential default looming for the U.S. in October, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen [yes] said Thursday she would just as soon see the power over debt limits taken away from Congress. A bill introduced in May would repeal the national debt ceiling, and Yellen said “yes, I would” when asked during a House hearing if she backs the effort.” CNBC
  • Pocohontas tells um big truth! Jay Powell [NO! But honorary…] is a dangerous man. Politico
  • Dallas Fed’s Kaplan [whaddya think?] retires after rigging markets. CNBC (buy?)
  • Not to be outdone by the Fed, or as tribute to Judas Priest, 131 (that we know of) corrupt federal judges break the law! No jail time expected… WSJ

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Hoaxy Headlines Today

  • OZ, keep fighting! Faced with war in the streets, the down low, down under Covid Nazi buckle. WSJ
  • F U to the EU: civilized nations will not cave to invasion; they found some magical way to make new natives! BloomBERG [of course]
  • In the wrist pandemic ever, to honor our healthcare “heroes,” big hospital biz is … firing them. MSN
  • “Go ahead and call Pfizer First Connect at (800) 879-3477. Option 1 then 9 to hear all of the pertinent info about their SARS-COV-2 “vaccine” including warnings not to get it if you have myocarditis, pericaditis, are breastfeeding, pregnant, etc. “Misinfo” from Pfizer???” Live call audio included from AnnB.

Slow Kill

  • 1st shot: Has a fair amount of saline. Reduces ability to produce white blood cells by 50 percent. 2nd shot: Less saline. Removes additional 25 percent white blood cell production capability. System is reduced to 25 percent. 1st booster: No saline. Induces chronic inflammation, which targets existing areas of system vulnerability. This is why cancer survivors are dying of cancer and people with lung issues are dying of pneumonia. 2nd booster: Shuts off the ability to make white blood cells. The system is entirely vulnerable and the individual becomes reliant upon additional boosters to provide a substitute immune system.

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Today’s Featured Topic is: What Nurses Know

A rare honest politician assembled a host of honest nurses and medical staff for a “about what’d you’d expect” conference. A Must Watch:

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