PREPPER POST NEWS – Sept. 16, 2021 – From Hero to Zero

PREPPER POST NEWS – Sept. 16, 2021 – From Hero to Zero


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Headline Stories in the News

  • The CIA, er, US media claims all countries are horrified about the Taliban. Why, then, is Poland concerned about terrorist “refugees” and little else? GazPol
  • China could care less, instead warning the US about a pending lesson should the failed empire interfere with Taiwan. GlobalTimes
  • How safe is your home? ATL apartment building is almost leveled by a likely gas explosion. KIRO
  • Demographics don’t matter until they do and it gets rubbed in our faces. Yes, CA is more like MEX now than America. Problems? AP
  • Again, when you deviate from accepted ethnic preferences, you should not expect naturally-occurring sex preferences to last either. Heartbreaking… DailyMail
  • 2020s are done. A horrendous jobs outlook for the future. We’ll need fewer OBGYNs and pediatricians as no Americans have children anymore. Sustainable? doomBERG

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Hoaxlines Today

  • 26 of 27 doctors are compromised. Hard to accept the Lancet lab “leak” theory when you work for the lab. DailyMail
  • Ethical dilemma. College professor fired for not poisoning herself. VIDEO
  • Ivermectin sterilizes the virus, not the patients. Another national hoax pulled from the air. Elubbock
  • The idiots in the UK have decreed children of 12 can take the jab without parental consent. DailyMail
  • The FDA is about to drop the age down to … 5. These demons will literally feed the children to Molech. VP

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Today’s Featured Topic is: Our Medical Heroes

Remember that? Last year and all the parades, and costumes, and thanks to nurses and medical personnel who saved us from the common cold? Yeah, well, it’s all over now. Those heroes are expendable and if they won’t take the jab, they’re fired.

Legacy Food Storage

So it is that a NY hospital had to stop delivering babies because of a sudden nurse shortage in the maternity ward. Was this always the plan? Epoch.

“A hospital in upstate New York won’t have the capacity to deliver babies after six employees in its maternity ward resigned instead of taking the COVID-19 vaccine as part of an executive order handed down by former Gov. Andrew Cuomo several weeks ago.

Lewis County General Hospital in Lowville said it will work with state officials to ensure that the maternity unit doesn’t shut down permanently, officials said, WWNY-TV reported. Six employees who were employed in the unit resigned, while seven more who are apparently not vaccinated are undecided, Lewis County Health System Chief Executive Officer Gerald Cayer said.”

Kindly ignore all the bullshit about Democrats and the “CCP virus.” Now, watch as this spreads nationwide. We’ll need a superhero to help deal with casualties. 

And, at least American women have essentially stopped having babies on their own…

Whatcha think???

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