PREPPER POST NEWS – Sept. 17, 2021 – Russian Intelligence

PREPPER POST NEWS – Sept. 17, 2021 – Russian Intelligence


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A World of Fakery

  • The faithless seek to “live forever” in robot bodies or computer simulations. One angry woman can easily destroy their plans. SUN
  • College used to be about education and ideas. Now … you know what it is. It is no wonder American men are leaving in droves. CollegeFix
  • Idiot Democrats see you as the gravest threat. Rasmussen
  • Calling BS. France: terrorism because, of course, they sell Uranium on ebay… VICE
  • Exceptional prosperity fakery. How about a 61% income tax rate, NY? NBC

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Hoax Fakery Today

  • Ivermectin is one of the safest, most effective drugs in the world:
  • Keep the cattle in fear: Israeli Ministry of Health recorded saying “There is no medical or epidemiological justification for the Covid passport (“green pass”), it is only intended to pressure the unvaccinated to vaccinate.”
  • NC: Keep the Fear UP! And the numbers.
  • Fauci sez… the covi-pass, useless and based on false numbers, should be required for air travel. NYPost

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Today’s Featured Topic is: A Special Operation

READ THIS – One of the Best Explanations of the CoronaHoax.

Legacy Food Storage

“This is a translated transcript of a 2020 interview with a Russian military strategist with combat experience dating back to Afghanistan about his interpretation of the coronavirus phenomenon. He was also directly involved in Vladimir Putin’s campaign to free Russia from post-Soviet financial oligarch rule. Needless to say, this interview is considerably more informative, and provides a better predictive model going forward, than anything you’ve see on the subject in the mainstream media for the last 18 months.

Today we have Vladimir Kvachkov as our guest, a Colonel of the GRU, a public figure with a PhdD in Military Science. Vladimir Vasilivievich. I know you served, among other things as the leading researcher for the Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies of the General Staff of the Armed Forces. Considering your expertise, what do you make of the Coronavirus phenomenon?

It’s exactly this perspective that you need to examine it from. Not from the public-health perspective, nor epidemiology etc. The Coronavirus phenomenon, that they falsely deem a pandemic needs to be examined from the perspective of global powers, religious, political, financial, economic and national. The Coronavirus phenomenon, the so-called pandemic, and let me tell you, there’s no pandemic, it’s all a lie, needs to be considered as a global strategic special operation. This is exactly how you need to think of this thing. These are command and staff exercises of the world’s behind-the-scenes powers on controlling humanity. This is what the goal of this Coronavirus is.”

This man understands 5GW because he’s actively fighting one of the wars.

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