PREPPER POST NEWS – Sept. 20, 2021 – World War 3?

PREPPER POST NEWS – Sept. 20, 2021 – World War 3?


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War the World Over

  • GER: Pres. Steinmeirer says his dying nation is unimaginable without foreign invaders. DW
  • But, for some proud Western reason, Lithuania won’t tolerate the invasion, even from all the Afghans who “helped.” Reuters
  • In the USSA, the good helpful Afghans are helping revive Measles. JustNews
  • Never mind that more Americans than ever fell below the poverty line last year. RT
  • We have to admit an army of Haitians into the dead country! 10,000 trolls lurking under a TX bridge. CANNOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP! TheHill

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Orient Rising

  • As the West commits suicide, China embraces Chinese people, children, and decent culture. VP

The Hoax That Never Ends…

  • Dr. Perronne, FRA: Read and WATCH This. “So is there a pandemic, was there ever a pandemic, but as well as that, should the unvaccinated be afraid of the current “variants” that are out there, and the coming “variants”? * Christian Perronne: Exactly the reverse! Vaccinated people are at risk of the new variants. In transmission, it’s been proven now in several countries that vaccinated people should be put in quarantine and isolated from society. Unvaccinated people are not dangerous; vaccinated people are dangerous to others. That’s been proven in Israel now, where I’m in contact with many physicians. They’re having big problems in Israel now: severe cases in hospitals are among vaccinated people. And in the UK also, you had a larger vaccination programme and there are problems [there] also.”
  • The 2-week delay. How the CDC runs up the fake pandemic numbers. PCR
  • Forget all the BS insanity – Ivermectin works. Period. See the success of India. “A [subset] population comparable to the US went from about 35,000 cases and 350 deaths per day to nearly ZERO within weeks of adding Ivermectin to their protocol. By comparison, the United States is the lower graph. On August 5, here in the good ol’ USA, blessed with the glorious vaccines, we have 127,108 new cases per day and 574 new deaths.” VP
  • Even the Monoclonal Antibody Treatment is compromised. Made from murdered children and Frankenmice… AnnB

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Today’s Featured Topic is: Is Israel the Genocidal Benchmark of the World?

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko explains the painfully obvious to a religious panel in Israel. This is a MUST WATCH – all the way through, especially through the Q&A session. “Noah was a conspiracy theorist until it started raining…”

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