PREPPER POST NEWS – Sept. 24, 2021 – Don’t Be “Conservative” With Coffee – THE SALE STARTS TODAY!

PREPPER POST NEWS – Sept. 24, 2021 – Don’t Be “Conservative” With Coffee – THE SALE STARTS TODAY!


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Headline Stories in the News

  • Someone named “Biden”???? said the darnest things to the rodentia of the UN. What’s back now?? Guardian
  • America can’t “be back,” because we’re running out of Americans. In their place are a weak, faithless people who will bend and bow for any reason or no reason. “ How much more proof do you need to comprehend that the Biden regime intends to destroy our health and our freedom?  Are Americans capable of understanding the situation they are in? At least in Australia, Europe, and England they are in the streets protesting. In America the dumbshit sheeple are lining up for the Death Shot.”PCR
  • AMAZON! And BIG TECH! Making the new slaves so very happy. Drive on, slaves, drive on! VICE
  • Meet the 3-D “3011”:
  • David Ayers has more on the societal implications of the male-female college imbalance. It’s another endorsement of the alternatives, trades, and living life. “Is a woman with a four-year degree in English really going to “marry down” if she marries an electrician? Financially, not if both draw median salaries. She will make a little over $50,000 once she has been out of school awhile, offset typically by massive student loan debt. He will make about $6,000 more, with much better future job prospects and less or no student loans to pay back. Not to mention, he will have already spent more time in the work force, gaining income and experience. * Third, one does not need to have a college degree to read widely, to travel, and to have employment that demands constant updating of knowledge. From mechanics to plumbers, electricians and solar power technicians, skilled trades are not static fields.” Crisis

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Today’s Featured Topic is: Betraying Us Every Chance They Get

THIS, by the great Ben Garrison, is what’s happening to the USSA.

Legacy Food Storage

And, your worthless idiot Republicans are assisting the suicide all the time. READ THIS.

“More Republican governors across the United States are publicly supporting President Joe Biden’s massive refugee resettlement operation out of Afghanistan which is set to bring at least 95,000 Afghans to the U.S. over the next year.

Last week, the Biden administration announced that the first group of roughly 36,000 Afghans brought to the U.S. at rapid speed will be resettled across 46 states — including Texas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.”


“Those 10 Republican governors include South Carolina’s Henry McMaster, Maryland’s Larry Hogan, Massachusetts’ Charlie Baker, Utah’s Spencer Cox, Georgia’s Brian Kemp, Arkansas’ Asa Hutchinson, Arizona’s Doug Ducey, Iowa’s Kim Reynolds, Oklahoma’s Kevin Stitts, and Vermont’s Phil Scott.

Another eight Republican governors have since greenlighted the plan, including:

Alabama’s Kay Ivey

Idaho’s Brad Little

Indiana’s Eric Holcomb

Montana’s Greg Gianforte

Nebraska’s Pete Ricketts

New Hampshire’s Chris Sununu

Ohio’s Mike DeWine

Tennessee’s Bill Lee”


“Montana will have at least 75 Afghans resettled across the state by the Biden administration, a plan that Gov. Greg Gianforte (R) fully supports:

Montana welcomes our fully-vetted Afghan allies who worked alongside us, have left their homes in the face of the Taliban’s reemerging, merciless terror and seek freedom and safety. [Emphasis added]

In 2016, while running for governor, Gianforte campaigned on halting refugee resettlement to the U.S. — sharply criticizing former President Obama’s resettlement of Syrians across the nation.”

Stop supporting the anti-American losers and satanists!

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