PREPPER POST NEWS – Sept. 28, 2021 – Stay Off The Breaks

PREPPER POST NEWS – Sept. 28, 2021 – Stay Off The Breaks


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It’s Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Here’s what you need to know.

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Hoaxlines in the News

  • Boost forever! Moderna: ““Those who don’t get vaccinated will immunize themselves naturally because the Delta variant is so contagious,” said Bancel, although he went on to assert that such people would still get ill.” Immunize naturally or boost. Forever… Summit
  • And don’t forget your daily pills to keep you alive from the boosters… MSM starts the advertising. NBC
  • The undertaker speaks out about what he has seen and fears: (poor man’s embed):

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More Headlines Today

  • HOMESCHOOL. Or attend “schools” with fake students who still can’t perform. FOXBaltimore
  • These dumbasses: “A total of 65.8% of parents agreed to support a mask mandate with 11,429 responses. A total of 62.5% of parents disagree with mandating students to take the vaccine with 11,400 responses.” AikenStd
  • Even MORE inflation is coming – to go with what we already enjoy. A list to watch. FSN
  • Cryptos are and always have been and will always be a stupid scam. That’s why the Fed and Kongress are about to “regulate” them – to the satisfaction of the Fed and why China just made them illegal. CNBC
  • Satanic Nazi yells at poor Amerikan: Who is the disgrace?? In berating a peaceful J6 political protester, enemy combatant and devil’s child Reggie Walton said he loves “his” government, that it’s been good to him. Politico
  • Here’s one thing he must love about the satanic cult centered in Mordor: “The United States House of Representatives on Friday approved a proposed law that would guarantee women’s right to an abortion throughout the United States. * The bill, which would override new laws in Texas and other Republican-led states restricting abortions, passed the House by a vote of 218-211 but faces opposition from Republicans in the US Senate.” Aljazeera

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Today’s Featured Topic is: America’s Last Hero and the War on Us

Judge Shithead must be so proud of “his” government and the persecution of child political prisoner Kyle Rittenhouse. Kyle isn’t the only one on trial. If you donated to his defense fund, then they literally see you as an enemy. Revolver

“the prosecution tries to argue they deserve a list of donors to the Kyle Rittenhouse Defense Fund. Motion DENIED.”

For now. At least it appears in this one case there is a semi-sane judge presiding. But, they’re showing us their cards and their contempt. 

Whatcha think???

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