PREPPER POST NEWS – Sept. 29, 2021 – Happy National COFFEE Day!

PREPPER POST NEWS – Sept. 29, 2021 – Happy National COFFEE Day!


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It’s Wednesday, September 29, 2021

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National Coffee Day

What does coffee mean to you? If you’re a healthy, normal prepper, it might vary between something very important and … Happy Coffee Day! FRC is running the biggest sale of the year to SALEbrate. (Get it?) Anyway, CHECK IT OUT TODAY. The sale runs through Friday, 10/1. Buy 2, get 1 free!

Headline Stories in the News

  • The evil elite hate (and fear) Xi. “The reason globohomo fears Xi, and the reason a petty third-rate power is talking utter nonsense that provides China with a legitimate cause of war against it, is because Xi is, like Putin, a nationalist whose objectives are completely opposed to the satanic globalists who presently rule the United States, Britain, Australia, and Israel. Unlike Putin, Xi may not yet be viewed as a good guy in conventional Western terms, but he appears to be the most bitter and formidable enemy of Mankind’s true enemy.” VP
  • The same elite (possibly) started their “Great Reset” decades ago with the work of a Gentile, Trotskyite neocon. Meet James Burnham, founder of CON, Inc. StratCulture
  • Big CON and Big Biz keep pushing open borders and the demise of the West. UNZ
  • All the while, insouciant Amerikans sleep easily (or uneasily). PCR
  • The Spartacus Letter

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

More Headlines Today

  • Another school board gets it from another woman on fire: Nuremberg Code!
  • More hoax lies exposed: FDA recommends “horse drugs” that are less safe and effective than Ivermectin. Dexamethasone treats equine allergies … and Covid. ZeroHedge
  • Which Big Inc. business will or will not force the death jab on employees? A list. Bloomberg
  • A Failure to comply: Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia, and Czech Republic will not accept a ‘refugee” horde, having discovered some crazy way to create new native babies. Orban, et al, know demographics is destiny. Wild, I know… RT

Fake and Manufactured News

  • Udo Ulfkotte vindicated again. The sad take behind the coverup of the Hunter Biden laptop mania proves that journalism is bought and paid for and an utter hoax. “New Proof Emerges of the Biden Family Emails: a Definitive Account of the CIA/Media/BigTech Fraud. An axis of the CIA, Big Tech and the DNC-allied wing of the corporate media spread an absolute lie in the weeks before the 2020 election. We now have definitive proof.” GlennG. Real reporting is not tolerated…

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Today’s Featured Topic is: Like An (Evil) 007 Movie Plot

The CIA targeted Julian Assage in one of the wildest schemes since the last one we learned about:

“In 2017, as Julian Assange began his fifth year holed up in Ecuador’s embassy in London, the CIA plotted to kidnap the WikiLeaks founder, spurring heated debate among Trump administration officials over the legality and practicality of such an operation.

Some senior officials inside the CIA and the Trump administration even discussed killing Assange, going so far as to request “sketches” or “options” for how to assassinate him. Discussions over kidnapping or killing Assange occurred “at the highest levels” of the Trump administration, said a former senior counterintelligence official. “There seemed to be no boundaries.” Yahoo

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