PREPPER POST NEWS – Sept. 30, 2021 – The Next “Ameri-Lama”

PREPPER POST NEWS – Sept. 30, 2021 – The Next “Ameri-Lama”


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It’s Thursday, September 30, 2021

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  • Need a jab-free job? Here’s a place to start looking. BizIns
  • Plumbing and other trades jobs clean up. StudyFinds

Break It Up!

  • Germans bid a fond farewell to the worst witch to ever disgrace Germany. The future? Now would be an ideal time for emergency action in re a few things. RT
  • Serbia: What to do about Kosovo. RT
  • USSA: This thing just cannot last. More and more normies see 2033 is just 12 years away. “Soft” secession. LRC

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

Tew Kewl Fer Skwel

  • Beware the “nice” private school: South Florida heathens ransack the 9/11 memorial because they are not Americans and do not belong in our nation. Keep your kids out of this mess. Newsweek
  • TENN: Another idiot federal judge bends the ADA backwards to allow face diapers in publik skoolz. Get out! ETimes


  • Archbishop Vigano on the enveloping darkness:
  • Some Jews explain why they tried to genocide themselves:
  • They just don’t get it: The JPost ran a !SCIENCE! Hoax article about a new wonder drug! ZyCOV-D… Does that sound like another chemical?

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Today’s Featured Topic is: You Can’t Fix A Corpse

This might be Vox Day’s best old column from WND. It’s ending is powerfully optimistic, even if it is tinged with a little libertarianism. That’s to be expected – as it was published over 17 years ago!

“Our paper Federal Reserve Notes are not Congress-issued gold and silver coins. Our direct taxes are not apportioned. We are entangled in a veritable web of foreign alliances, Congress shamelessly makes laws regarding speech, religion and guns, and the judicial branch has arrogantly assumed for itself unchecked supremacy over the other two branches.

Regardless of whether one see these changes as blasphemous treason against the Constitution, or as reasonable and necessary modifications to what was designed to be a living document that evolves with the times, it is impossible to deny that they have been made.”

Whatcha think???

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