PREPPER POST NEWS – Sept. 9, 2021 – Step By Step Through The Lies

PREPPER POST NEWS – Sept. 9, 2021 – Step By Step Through The Lies


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Headline Stories in the News

  • ERs overwhelmed with Alex Jones cases!!!!! No. Rather, he successfully demonstrated the value of the pony paste on air. Odyssey VIDEO
  • The BS of the old college try. College? “You might consider crossing the University of Indiana off the list since they misspelled “Indiana” as “Indinia” on the school’s football team’s jerseys in the first game of the year.  (Don’t be too hard on the “hoosiers” though; I hear they did spell “White Supremacy Studies,” “Marxism Today,” and “Only Black Lives Matter” correctly in the course catalogue).” LRC
  • Could it be the stupid death masks? “Pediatricians and public health officials say a common respiratory disease that most children can easily deal with is spreading earlier than usual in Wisconsin. The disease, called respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, is common in kids under age 2 and usually results in mild symptoms. But it can be severe in infants and older adults.” AP
  • Tomorrow, we will talk briefly about a coming 20th anniversary.

A VIDEO! How Christian Men confront Communists!

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How “Economics” Works

Runup to Hoaxy Feature

  • Scientists(!!!) say it may never end. And it won’t until we end it. Yahooooooo!
  • Israel: Remember, you’re not fully-vaxxed until the magic third, er, FOURTH jab. And don’t forget the twice daily pills. DailyMail
  • For our feature, take a look at the (criminal) WHO’s recommendations for reporting on the hoax. Even with this, the media still blows it. WHO

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Today’s Featured Topic is: Statistical Inversion

Please take a moment to read THIS ARTICLE. It’s not Landon Stamper’s fault; he does a pretty good job reporting. It’s not the paper’s fault; they’re barely hanging in there. The MSM doesn’t script this stuff, nor do they use WHO guidelines. This is the medical hoax version of the inversion the CIA runs on econ and geopolitical news.

The Headline: “Majority of monthly COVID-19 cases among unvaccinated, DHEC [State of SC] says”

The truth is the polar opposite. Here’s the math, if one is moderately numerate and semi-literate. Most of the words used are fluff or designed to misdirect and mislead the lower-IQ’d.

“A total of 67,469 virus cases were confirmed from July 16 to Aug. 15 among South Carolinians

DHEC has continued to encourage all eligible residents to get vaccinated. As of Sept. 2, almost 57% of eligible South Carolinians have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine while 48% are fully vaccinated.”

DHEC said it is important to note that breakthrough cases are expected with any type of vaccine. While vaccines can prevent catching a virus, the main goal of inoculation is preventing severe illness if the virus is contracted.” An intentional and false redefinition of “inoculation,” BTW…

These breakthrough cases have accounted for a minuscule amount of COVID-19 deaths and hospitalizations, with 0.0257% of fully vaccinated people being hospitalized and/or dead due to COVID-19.

The “more info needed” factor: How many South Carolinians are there? Ans: 5,118,425 (per the 2020 Census).


“Fully-vaccinated” = 5,118,425 x .48 = 2,456,844.

Fully-vaxxed either hospitalized or dead = 2,456,844 x .0257 = 63,140 (rounded down to the nearest “1”).

What is the exact percentage of fully vaxxed, partially vaxxed, or totally unpoisoned populations of the whole case load of 67,469? We do not know. But, by these reported DHEC numbers, shifty as they are, we DO KNOW that 63,140 of 67,469 cases (93.58%!!!) are of FULLY VACCINATED people who either went to the hospital and/or died. 

But, the majority are among who, now???


Whatcha think???

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