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It’s September 24, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


WHO Do You Trust?

  • Uh-oh! A tift arises between the WHO and the CDC over which set of shady numbers the peeps in ‘Murica need to see in re CORONA!!! See, it spreads like … no, hang on … transmission in the air, uh… Just wear the mask! Reuters
  • Have you been stopped somewhere for a COVID temp check? I have not, having not left the house since February. But, now, the good old, wishy-washy CDC says temperature might not be the best measure of the dread virus. Next, last May, they’ll issue two studies showing masks to be ineffective. Then, come last month, they’ll radically drop the number of deaths FROM Corona. Next, they’ll tell us Mars is attacking… WSJ
  • “Your” government has already given blanket legal immunity to their campaign-contributors in Big Pharma regarding the “vaccine” that doesn’t exist. That’s bad enough, but why have they already designated a special process to handle “vaccine” deaths and injuries? It’s like they know something. Rappaport
  • The EU has special proceedings – known as ordinary tech and consumer laws – to stop abuse by corporate giants. Facebook, a giant offender, is threatening to leave Europe unless the case against them is dropped. So, Poland, France, you will soon be free of at least one idiocy. Lucky bas… VICE
  • Not so lucky on Wall Street, early this week. The bubble slide continued, based on the VIRUS!!! And not on the systemic failures and artificial propping and fantasy valuations and total sham of the thing. CNBC

Monday’s Drop, for now (then), gave us the worst market September since 2002. We’re setting records we could really do without. MarketWatch

Sorry, No BIG Event. 25 years or so ago, I used to contemplate that some big, catastrophic event would collapse society. Silly me, young and naive, didn’t understand that the process was long already in progress. And, that’s the point: rarely is something major (bad) just one event. An example from the summer’s news: that huge explosion in Beirut was a single event. But it was the explosive end of a long chain of stupidities. Here’s a look at the economic slide, many decades in the making, that’s led us to where we are today. Extrapolate this to anything else.  PeakProsperity


Trump’s Women


Not THOSE Women – the Court Picks…

Donny T is set to nominate a stellar “conservative” to the High Court, perhaps by this weekend. Because we have to replace a woman with a woman – in the Constitution or something – he has a select few ready. The frontrunner is a real champion of American culture, deftly showing personal preference for foreigners over natives in her domestic life. Not that any of this matters much anymore. AJC




DEBT TO THE MOON! The pencil-pushing heroes at the CBO have noticed that the federal debt and deficit is a wee bit out of hand. NO KIDDING! It’s not almost unsustainable. It’s past that point, nearing collapse. Still, at least we get some cool, scary numbers to play with. WashTimes

Unsustainable Indoctrination is the name of the game in our government “schools” and other failed institutions. Dr. Roberts has a short list of links, with pithy commentary, about Critical Racist (against Whites) Theory and more foolishness that is steadily eroding any sense of community in this country. This is not the way to keep a nation a nation. PCR

War on Truth: Honorable Dr. Paul cogently observes that Washington’s war on Julian Assange is really a war on the truth. Who is it, from the Bible, who is always opposed to the truth? Does he perhaps run the madhouse in DC? Free Julian! LRC


Legacy Food Storage



The Bobcat Burns! That’s the name of the wildfire eating away at California, Bobcat. And it’s more of a tiger, a massive, fast-moving blaze, one of the largest in our history.  ap


Spying in New York. The NYPD and the FBI discovered that one of NY’s finest, with the most-American name you’ve ever heard, was really a spy for China. There might be a lesson in all this, but no one is into those anymore, certainly not in the Rotten Apple of Anarchy. CBS2NY


BUT! China is to be Respected, in many respects. Fred Reed has a great, knowledgeable writeup on the amazing success and progress of the Asian Dragon over just the past forty years. Might this sane, civilized nationalism be something to admire and maybe repeat? UNZ


Reason To Avoid Online Dating, No. 5,441: It’s like a Hallmark movie! A guy meets the girl of his dreams on TINDER. He goes to her flat. Then, her boyfriend beats and stabs the fella to death. Then, they hack him into little pieces, and …. DATE IN PERSON! The old-fashioned way. Mirror


Two Lessons, Here: 1) If you call the cops on your austic son and tell them he may be armed (and then he is), then expect them to shoot him. 2) As SHTF, consider what happens when poor people with issues create additional problems. Imagine it is you and not the police dealing with this sad situation.  RT




About FOX News…


If you haven’t noticed, things have changed. Old Newt roared back to life, pointing out the obvious Soros-ness in the Antifa communism. For whatever reason, that made the “conservatives” at FAUX most uncomfortable. An awkward silence, an apt metaphor for the network. TweetTweet / DailyBeast (DB, with spin)


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