Prepper to the Rescue, How Zip Ties Fix Almost Anything

Prepper to the Rescue, How Zip Ties Fix Almost Anything


What do “rednecks,” being happy, being prepared, and zip ties have in common? Give up? Well, they can all save a SJW hippy’s day, even if they don’t change her awkward world view and  thinking (feeling?).


What?! What are you talking about, Lovett? Finally lost it?


No. Well, maybe. Anyway, I’m talking about a little opinion piece I read in the Tampa Bay Times the other day, a relay of a Charlotte Observer individual story. Click and read that and then check below for what I’m thinking. (By the time you’ve read it through, you’ll probably already see it!)


Photo by White Trash Repairs (Their Name…NOT an Insult…).


The woman’s headline almost says it all:


“I detest Trump, but a ‘redneck’ fixed my Prius with zip ties…”


I’m not casting any aspersions on Mrs. Mayer. But she: detests Trump, drives a Prius, sports RESIST stickers, attends marches, and is awed by redneck ingenuity. She reported, you decide; I am but the messenger.


She’s angry: angry with the President; angry with the rich; angry with coal miners; maybe angry with life. She felt the need to wander the seaboard to commiserate (emphasis on the misery root), to “commune” (like a communist?) with other angry, delusional leftists. She drug her daughter along. I’m sure the young teen was thrilled.

Alone, she felt a fury. Dare we call it hysteria? Okay, she drinks coffee, so there is some hope (unless she soys it up…).

Furious, angry and aggrieved, and then the road hazzard called.

Legacy Food Storage


Somewhere in the middle of Virginia her Prius bumper bagan to come loose – likely rattled free from all that power…


Then, along came a redneck.


“Before I could do anything but park my gray Prius, a man rushed over. “I heard you coming down that road,” he said. Before I could say much he started surveying the situation. He didn’t so much offer to help us as get right to work.”

In a jiffy, this cheerful deplorable and his hick son used zip ties to fix the bumper. Ten minutes, tops, and she was ready to resume the liberal life of angst and discontent.


I get the feeling she was truly awed, impressed, and even thankful for Bubba’s help. Of course, being a liberal, she was still “heartbroken.” You see, the kindness of a likely Trump supporter only reinforced in her mind … how terrible Trump is. It’s not her, it’s him, it’s you, it’s us. Will WE never learn?


Some people simply cannot ever be happy. Nor resourceful. Nor wholly appreciative.


You, my prepper friends, who are you? Are you the angry, helpless resistance marcher? Or are you the happy, helpful redneck with the ties and the tape? I think I know the answer.


I almost hope that, deep down, she knows the answer too. Her final questioning, searching thoughts on the matter:


“It felt like a sign, that maybe if we treat one another with the kindness and gratitude that is so absent from our president and his policies, putting our most loving selves forward, this moment can transform into something more bearable? [Can you hear the uptalk?] I want to come away from the march with that simple lesson, but it begs this question: How do we hold onto the fire fueling our resistance to the cruelty Trump unleashes, but also embrace the world with love? I wish I knew.”


Lady, it’s easy. Let go of the anger, the hate, and just start doing. Be friendly – to all. Be prepared. Be grateful.


For us, the lesson is simple – don’t be a snowflake. Be a redneck, be a prepper, be the man or woman with the zip ties and duct tape! No soy, please.


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