Prepping BEFORE The November Election

Prepping BEFORE the November Election

Hello, prepper friends! Did you know that in just a few short months, the USofA will suffer, strike that, enjoy(!) yet another great presidential election? I know, I was surprised too. Who knew? It’s not like the 2016 campaign never ended or anything. 

This article isn’t about the election itself. BEWARE THE NOVEMBER 3RD! It’s about getting ready for the uncertainties that are, sadly, bound to accompany this contest. Given what 2020 had kindly brought us already, I’d say it’s a safe bet that regardless of who wins, there will be unrest, contention, and panic. In addition to causing potential civil unrest, this scenario (either way) may very well cause some shortages in goods that preppers depend on. Remember the toilet paper thing? Yep. That kind of panic. We’re already seeing shortages of political conventions, common sense, honesty, integrity, uh … oops, not about the election itself. Sorry.

Luckily for us, Magic Prepper has come up with a do-to list of the critical Preps. 

Prepper Necessities

Get these out of the way now, not tomorrow or next month, in advance of the SHTF of the election. WATCH THIS:

Magic Prepper.

Let’s take a good look at what’s recommended. In the description, MP mentions following trends before they happen. That’s why we have the daily FP News! Of course, you should keep on doing what you normally do: food, water, heat, etc. But, he also specifies that many of the items which we’ll need, and may not be able to get, are security-related. Again, it’s better to have it and not need it than the reverse. His point can’t be emphasized enough – get this done BEFORE it’s too late.

BTY: Under the description after the MP video, links are provided for where and how to obtain the supplies. Click those links and shop from home.

I clicked on a few, preemptively, the filtration system, the Kabar, and the G2X light, and the prices are beyond reasonable. How about a $17.00 (on sale) water filtering setup?

Sawyer Products on Amazon, via Magic Prepper.

That’s just a preview; watch the video and then explore them all. Get the Gear! What’s listed are things that are very important and do not require the blessing of some plutocrat. Guns do. Security items are the major focus, here.


He makes intelligent mention of 80% lowers, or lower receivers. These are the guts of the guns which are (unconstitutionally) regulated by our great and benevolent friends at the BATFE (I hope they haven’t added more letters…). But, he’s correct, with an 80% base, one can customize the firearm. If that’s you, then stock up on parts, especially serialized lowers, NOW. (You can assemble or modify the gun later). If that’s not you, then NOW is the time to buy a stock weapon (or ten).

He even makes mention of “tax stamps,” a concept frowned upon by the Founding Fathers, but which is critical for anyone who wants to suppress fire, ditch stocks/braces under certain circumstances, or rock ‘n roll with the single squeezing of the trigger. Money + Waiting Time = Better do that TODAY.

His rifle on display is a 450 Bushmaster (nice!), and he’s right, it’s a “pistol.” Many of you know that – within the nebulous bounds of the law – one can start with a “pistol,” based on the lower, and then add various uppers: 5.56mm, .300 Blackout, .458 SOCOM, etc.

Don’t neglect the uppers (for assorted calibers, designs, etc).

No machine with parts works without the parts (and the spare parts). MP covers all that too. Stock up now. He mentions two reasons why, which bear examination and repeating. First, in general, panic buying means less product availability. Second, if there is a … regime change, then we may reasonably expect some of these all-American items to meet the ban hammer. Thus, the constant emphasis on getting what you need/can get sooner than later.


Consider all the parts, particularly those that undergo greater action and wear and tear. He goes into great detail; pay attention. Also, remember tools, grease, oil, etc. – more on those in a second.

Legacy Food Storage

Some people want to ban guns. We know that. Certain models they hate and fear more than others, like handguns and ARs. They’re also not so keen on higher capacity magazines. Hence, you might want to acquire some of those in order to beat possible shortages and potential bans. 

MP shows off some newly-acquired 33-round Glock mags. You are the arbiter of what you need. Just make sure you’re not caught flat-footed.

I suppose that most of us could make do with a pocket square and a can of WD-40. But, for dedicated tools, we might be better with dedicated cleaning solvents and oils. So, monitor your supply of oils, grease, and so forth so you’re not short. These are the blessedly cheaper side of the hobby, even if you go with higher quality products. Again, better to have it, a lot of it, than…

Yep, that black thing in the corner is plate armor. MP makes good mention of getting what you need – steel or ceramic – before any run on supplies. Remember also that the people who ban guns, mags, suppressors, and bump stocks (oops!) also don’t like you being resistant to bullets. Now would be the time to armor up.

That means, of course, not forgetting the plate … carrier. Now’s the time to look at (and buy) Kevlar, helmets, or whatever it is you need or want.

And … One More Thing

Before we wrap this up, and I bet you know what comes next, for any firearm to be effective, it needs … bullets. Don’t forget the ammo! 

As MP notes, the more you shoot, the more you need. Make sure you have all the types of ammo for all the calibers you use or carry. If you’re a reloader, then make sure you’re stocked on the basics for the job. In general, it’s better to vastly overestimate the amount of projectiles you’ll need. The grabbers, some of them, float ammo bans from time to time. (Yes, they’d ban the concepts of freedom and happiness themselves if they had the chance). Don’t forget this. Ammo, stored properly, lasts a long time. Sadly, it does not get cheaper with time. 

Again, don’t forget about those other survival items either. In fact, take a little time to access what you have in general and what you think you’ll need. Adjust the picture accordingly. 

It’s Math, Not “Magic”

So, there you have it. These suggestions are more common sense than magic. With what we do, probability-wise, it’s better to bet on sure things, which for us, means the certainty of uncertainty. Incorporate what you learned, today, into planning for this fall, for any subsequent election (should we make it that far…), and for any other event that you can see coming. Keep up the general spirit, and you’ll be as ready as can be for even those pesky if virtually-guaranteed events that you can’t see coming.

Find more great Magic Prepper Videos HERE! Make sure to subscribe!

And, don’t neglect the MP Website!

Now, don’t you have some prepping to do? I’d like it finished at least a month before the Great Selection of the Evil of Two Lessers, 2020. Thanks.

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