Prepping Can be a Pain in the Back

Prepping Can be a Pain in the Back


Sooner or later even the healthiest among us will have a little (hopefully just a little) back pain. Mine is sore right now from another 1,000 road adventure. It’s funny. I do relatively heavy deadlifts and other potential backbreakers in the gym and I have no issues therefrom. Yet, let me sit in a car for 8 hours or try to reach a coffee cup on a shelf, and I strain something. It’s really not funny.


Back pain can range from requiring an advil or a hot bath up to having surgery. The treatment depends on the pain and the particular back. And we all know prepping, or any other worthwhile activity, can lead to injuries.


Dan Chabert wrote up some solutions over at The Prepper Journal. Check those out – or suffer the consequences…


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There are almost as many kinds of back pain, sources, rather, as there are backs. Some of Chabert’s advice for treatment:

Sleep – most of the time the body can heal itself. Just get some good rest.


Mental Attitude – the mind has great control over the body. Be conscious of how you feel and act and you may be surprised at how well your body and back respond. Stay positive.


Medication – Advil is the active man’s friend. Chabert covers common painkillers and muscle relaxers. The heavier the meds, the more careful you’ll need to be.


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Strength Training – more exercise makes for a stronger body. Strong bodies respond better and do not injure as easily. Get in shape.


Movement – there is, it turns out, wisdom behind old coach’s advice to “walk it off.” It really works. Movement promotes blood flow and healing. Get on up and move around.

Hot and Cold Treatments – temperature, varied, has various healing properties. Learn when and how to alternate ice and heat for relief.


Massage – it’s not just for pampering. A good, deep massage acts as excellent therapy for a variety of ailments, backs included.


For each type of treatment Chabert offers numerous tips and points. Please check it out and read the whole thing. You and your back will be glad for it.


*Dan Chabert – Writing from Copenhagen, Denmark, Dan is an entrepreneur, husband and ultramarathon distance runner. He spends most of his time co-managing home sites like Contractorculture, That Sweet Gift, Borncute, health sites such as Runnerclick, Nicer Shoes and The Gear Hunt. He has also been featured on runner blogs all over the world.

As a bonus – these tips also will do wonders for other kinds of aches and pains. Back it up and back off the pains.


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