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Where the Prepping Discounts Are (Kind of): Perrin Goes to Gander Mtn.

Where the Prepping Discounts Are (Kind of): Perrin Goes to Gander Mtn.

Last month, I think, I started sounding the alarm about the coming closure of Gander Mountain. It is still uncertain how many stores will survive the bankruptcy and buyout nationwide. It is clear that all stores are holding closeouts sales right now.

Today, in order to kill a little time and to also avoid a thunderstorm, I did the nearly unthinkable – I went shopping. And, if you can believe it, I went to a Gander Mountain store. I’m a minimalist and rarely ever shop for anything that’s not edible by either me or by my aging SUV. Big box stores always bewildered me however I do usually enjoy places like Gander.

Sure enough the one I visited was having a massive going-out-of-business sale.

Perrin Lovett.

What a sale! It was impressive at least by volume. They’ve even selling off the fixtures, furniture, mannequins, and equipment – everything from floor buffers to ladders to the racks that formerly held finer firearms.

If you’re in the market for gear, or for home/office/shop furnishings, then this is something you need to check out.

The merchandise is, of course, also on sale. “Up to 50% off!”, say the signs. Most items that I saw were 10 – 30% off. Most of the prices still seemed a little high to me. Then again, I live in a box and rarely buy anything, so all prices take me off-guard. Being that it’s Gander the quality is top-notch and probably worth the cost, even at a slight discount rate. That’s your call as a buyer.

Perrin Lovett.

I was possibly interested in some new hiking boots. All their boots, shoes, and sandals are a big jumbled mess. Most are 30% off. I saw two models that interested me: some house boots for about $40, after discounts, and; some really nice Keens, still over $100. I settled for the old New Balances I walked in with.

I walked through most departments. The savings were a little less than I expected. I’ll come out and write it: at the discounted rates, I think the prices are now about right for retail. That may have something to do with the fiscal troubles. What do I know?

$900 kayaks are now going for about $650. Those prices I kind of remember. Clothing, camping gear, cooking wear, gun safes, ammo, and carrying cases are also slightly discounted.

Perrin Lovett.

I looked through a large assortment of knives and blades. All were decent makes and some had decent savings. As with the boots I left with only what I came in with. In fact, I didn’t buy a thing. Walked in with a headache and left with one. (That might be from my frustration trying to make a real, edited video. Ha!).

The good news is that these stores carry very high-end stuff and they have heaps of it. If you’re in the market for something in particular, or if you’re a Gander junkie, then by all means pay your nearest store a visit soon. I spoke to the manager on my way out. He advised that the sale would continue likely until the beginning of July – or so long as the merchandise lasts.

Based on what I saw and what I guessing, the prices will probably drop as next month progresses. Of course, that means the selection will also decrease. So it’s a balancing act -if you need something, start looking now. By the time the thing goes down 70-80%, odds are there won’t be one left for you to purchase. Use your own judgment.

As as aside, the store I visited was very lightly populated around 3 PM. This made for an excellent browsing experience. The staff was still there and very helpful.

Before you venture out, please check with Gander online for any updates.

Happy shopping! Now, back to this video thing before it gets the better of me.

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