Protecting Yourself from a Riot While in Your Car

Protecting Yourself from a Riot While in Your Car

Remember Gary Numan’s song Cars? I was surprised too, but it is no longer 1979. Sure, millions of Americans still motor about millions of miles of roads in millions of automobiles. However, we now face a new obstacle of the streets and highways – deranged “peaceful protesters” who look a lot more like violent, murder-crazed rioters than anything else. 

This could easily be you, Mrs. Driver:

(Pics captured from Ethical Preparedness video).

Not sure about how you’d handle that? Relax, we have you covered.

Today, we take a look at a video from Ethical Preparedness about vehicular safety during a riot. Americans love to drive (or did), so this is something that almost any of us could face someday. It would pay to understand the dangers and prepare against them today. We might drive into trouble tomorrow.


They don’t want to just inconvenience you. In many cases, many of them are out to cause outright harm and death.

Let’s lean on the advice of a man with two decades of law enforcement experience on how to deal with the danger.


They’re similar for the most part, but all fifty states have slightly different laws governing the use of self-defense. You need to become familiar with yours now. It might be a good idea to consult, today, with a local criminal defense or firearms law attorney. In 2020, the “law” is not necessarily on your side.


Your Momma warned you; mine did so back around 1979 (better times, eh?). All of these not-so-peaceful criminals know what they’re doing when they block a side street or an Interstate. They have thrown their own safety out the window in the quest to bring idiotic violence to your windshield. They will throw your safety out too. 

Really, they get what they pay for. It’s hard not to laugh at the above scene. And, it is a perfect reminder that your car is a (defensive) weapon. Use it if you have to. However, remember that your local rules of force will apply. A car is a deadly weapon like a gun. It should only be used in the event that the driver fears the imminent life-threatening danger to himself or to his passengers. The old rule – when we had rules – was “what would a reasonably prudent man do under similar circumstances?” As you know, “reasonable” and “prudent” are out of style like the concept of not playing in the damned road.


The car is primarily designed for transportation. While it can be used as a weapon, it is wise to carry something(s) built specifically for that purpose. CCW. The video also recommends carrying a medical kit, which you should have in the car already anyway. Video recording is not a bad idea either – make a record of your plight and your case.


If you know where a riot is in progress, then do not drive into it. If you see something really out of the ordinary, then turn around. If you suspect that something might be happening in your city at a given time, then listen to the radio for updates. Common sense goes a long way.

They don’t hesitate to attack Highway Patrol cars. They won’t hesitate to attack you.

The video covers many, many other important points, some of which are just second nature:

Lock your doors, for instance.

It also discussed, in rather good detail, the doctrines of use of force, the reasonableness for an unreasonable world. Some hard and fast rules appear:

Legacy Food Storage

Avoid it!

Threat assessment.

Other factors.

All of these are now critical to understand. Assume that everything will get much worse as we get through the election and move into 2021.

You have options, should you need them: Ram through. Shoot your way out. And, whatever you do, DO NOT get out of the vehicle. Remember Reginald Denny?

In a way, potential charges might beat a brick to the head.

Watch the Video:

(Ethical Preparedness / YouTube).

Visit the Ethical Preparedness Channel for many more excellent videos about self-defense and more. 

Check out the EP WEBSITE too! Pay extra attention to their dedicated LEGAL HELP affiliate page with the USCCA, the legal organization that defends honest people charged with defense-related crimes. Sadly, this is something that all of us have to consider: ask Kyle “The Hero of Kenosha” Rittenhouse how the “law” currently views innocent people who save their lives from violent pedophiles and felons. This might be $22 a month well spent.

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