Quick FP Coronavirus Update

UPDATED Feb. 3rd:

A follow-up to Monday’s Coronavirus Prepper Advisement.

Then, the infection number for China stood at 2,886, with 81 deaths. Now, the numbers are 17,306 and 362. More cases have appeared in more nations outside of China. The worldwide count is 17,489 infected. In a week there has been a nearly six-fold increase in reported cases and a 446% increase in fatalities. Still, the associated statistical risks are still minimal. Of course, as they say, the statistics change when it affects you: then it’s 100%.

The WHO issued a global alert, as did the United States. Much remains unknown about the virus and its circumstances. The good news is that the cases of recovery, 530, outnumber the deaths. Hopefully, this thing is on its way out.


The other day, I mentioned some apprehensions about the story behind the story. Now, there’s more information slowly emerging.

A Harvard biologist has been arrested by the FBI for taking bribes connected with the transfer of US biotech research and secrets, including “vials” of material, to China, to Wuhan, China, specifically. Coincidentally, Wuhan is the epicenter of the nCoV outbreak. Some are beginning to connect some very loose dots – is this outbreak a weaponization? If so, then for whose benefit?

Right now, we can’t answer that question or even tell if it is relevant. For now, just keep your eyes open and keep up the general preps and good health regimen. Always ready.

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