Rebuking the Communist Climate Change BS Accord

Rebuking the Communist Climate Change BS Accord


Today President Trump acted like an American and a conservative. He pulled the U.S. out of the lie and the sham known as the Paris Accord on Climate Change. In doing so, he said, “I represent the people of Pittsburgh NOT Paris.”

Photo by the Drudge Report.

Hussien Obama signed America up for the agreement. This is a treaty and the Senate should have ratified it. That’s in the Constitution. They didn’t. Still, the world assumed we would go along with this insane communist fantasy.

Climate change, global warming, whatever, may or may not be real. It may or may not be happening. The evidence is inconclusive. And, if it is happening, man is not the problem. It is not our BBQs and SUVs. It is likely either the beginning of an ice age or excessive solar activity. I used hard science to debunk this nonsense on my blog a few months ago. Real science. Real math. Real facts. The truth.

The leftists are interested in the truth. Their Parisian unicorn has nothing to do with the climate, except for the economic climate. It is a massive scheme to steal your tax and personal dollars and gift them to various second and third world peoples. It is pure socialist welfare on a global scale. It was designed to kill your freedoms.

The left is reacting with hysterics. Their plan to force you to pay while living a lowered standard of existence just failed and they are angry. To heck with them. Their entire premise rests on sleight of hand and deception. All of it.

All you need to know about their “science” was explained in a recent Dilbert Cartoon.

Scott Adams.

Thank you, President Trump. (I vow to ease up on you for the rest of the work week…).

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