A Review of Some Guns for Bugging Out

A Review of Some Guns for Bugging Out


There are almost as many different types of guns out there and available as there are preppers. And that’s a great thing. Let’s keep it that way, protestations of communists and Generation Tantrum aside.


The great Primal Survivor site gives us some choices. And these are just a very few of what’s out there. As a matter of record, this was not an anonymous article. Okay, it was, by the Primal page. But I know who the author is. Let’s call her “S.B.” She knows her stuff. You can benefit from it. Here’s but a brief rundown of the wisdom (READ THAT ORIGINAL):


Just a couple of choices… Picture by S.B./Primal Survivor.


“Let’s start by saying there is no perfect bug out gun that suits everyone’s needs!”


No, but here are some good choices:


Kel-Tec Sub 2000

Glock 17

Ruger LCP (and LC9!)

Rock Island Armory, M1911-A1

Kel-Tec PMR-30

Smith & Wesson 686, .357 Magnum

Ruger 10-22 Takedown

Kel-Tec Sub 2000

DDI LLC – AK-47 Underfolder

“I have a soft spot for the AK-47. When I was a little girl my dad had one and I remember learning how to load the magazines and a big drum magazine. His was a Chinese AK which are pretty rare to find now.”



I love her and her dad! Onwards…


Legacy Food Storage


Ruger PC Carbine 9MM

Marlin 30-30 (Perrin shot his last deer with an older model 336!)


Remington .870 (12 gauge)

She also throws in many words of wisdom and a little legal education for gun owners. Always know (or try to understand) the relevant law in your area. And she includes some recommended reading – well worth it.


Okay, again, as comprehensive as this list seems, these are but a very few of the choices available to us. Thank God for America! There are so many others. Heck, the included models come in different varieties and configurations. Then there’s modifications.


Don’t be upset if your pet gun wasn’t in there. Also remember that the best gun you can have, when you need it, is the gun you have. Make do if you have to.


A final word for those who “ain’t running nowhere” – and I hear ya: these also happen to make for good bug IN guns. There, everyone is happy.


Many, many thanks to S.B., a friend who really lives the life. Guns up!


Perrin​​ ​​Lovett​​​ ​​​writes​​ ​​about​​ ​​freedom,​​ ​​firearms,​​ ​​and​​ ​​cigars​​ ​​(and​​ ​​everything​​ ​​else)​​ ​​at www.perrinlovett.me​​.​​ ​​He​​ ​​is​​ ​​none​​ ​​too​​ ​​fond​​ ​​of​​ ​​government​​ ​​meddling.

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