Riot and Civil Unrest Gear to Help You Survive

Riot and Civil Unrest Gear to Help You Survive

Our series on surviving civil war, civil unrest, and riots moves right along. Today, we again caution that the best strategy is to simply not be there – where the action is. However, if you have to go in, or if you happen to find yourself in danger regardless, then there are some things you need to carry if you expect to make it out alive.

Fernando and The Modern Survivalist Channel put together a great, mid-length video about just that: all the items you should carry should you find yourself in the middle of the mess. Now, let’s have a look.


(All pics from MS video).

A full summary in one picture. Above, we see:

Keys – never forget your keys;

Pepper spray;

Backup pepper spray;

A knife,

Backup knife;

TWO handguns;

Body armor;

Gas mask;

Running shoes; and

A book on street smarts. 

You’ll see several books, in fact; and much more from someone who’s been through it!

Breaking it Down:

This subject is a little too big and complex for just one video or article. Fernando wrote a book of tips for surviving street-level conflicts. You might want to pick up a copy and read it. 

Legacy Food Storage

As one can see, it even has helpful illustrations to help drive home the points – points that we need to understand in today’s political economy.


Here, we’ll dispense with the niceties and the rules. This is about necessity. If you’re in a fight or a dangerous situation, then you have to be able to project force. If it’s a riot, you’re outnumbered. As such, fists and kicks may not be enough. 

Fernando has a plethora of options, which can be ranked by force. The spray is a less-than-lethal deterrent for breaking up heated situations without doing permanent damage. A knife takes it up many painful notches, presenting the ability to slash and stab. This is usually considered a deadly weapon even though it need not be intentionally used as one. A firearm is unquestionably deadly, meant to kill, and should only be deployed for that purpose.

Fully-optioned, you will have a choice of tools to use in exiting the scene to safety. Note the importance of a backup for each weapon. If you can only take one, then take the pistol. With all of these, it’s better to have them and not need them than the woeful alternative.

The Vest

It’s more than a fashion statement. If clothes make the man, then this item can save the man’s life. In another recent video report, we covered the running shoes: Dr. Bones explained why those are a must. So is the armor.

In a riot, armed with your weapons, you can expect that the enemy around you may well resort to violence – in fact, they’re known for just that. They will attack you. They may strike you, stab you, and shoot you. While not a complete defense, a bullet-proof vest offers a greatly increased level of protection over ordinary outerwear. The police and soldiers wear them for good reasons.

You get to decide what level of protection you need. And, various manufacturers offer many different strengths and designs. Find the one that works for you. And wear it. Other armor pieces are not a bad idea either – especially a helmet.

Gas Mask

2020 is the year of the mask! For the Corona Mania, we’ve been told to wear ineffective cloth coverings that do little to nothing to stop disease transmission. Yet and still, tens of millions religiously don their face diapers. Your immediate safety in a riot is as important or more important than anything Tony “Chicken Little” Fauci has lied to you about.

Like the armor, this article is essential. You should be carrying noxious liquid sprays. Assume that the other side will as well. You’ve undoubtedly seen TeeVee reports of police firing tear gas into these “peaceful protests.” Even if you’re just an unfortunate bystander, you do not want to breathe it in. The enemy is also tossing around materials you’d rather not ingest.

Find the right mask and make sure it fits perfectly with a full seal. You need to cover your eyes in addition to your nose and mouth. As with the other items, it will pay to spend a little more for the right option.

And, that’s what this video gives us: half an hour of the right options. Mine has been but a brief summary. Please,

Watch the Video:

Modern Survivalist / YouTube.

Check out The Modern Survivalist Channel.

Fernando has done you a few favors. Return them by joining up and getting all the best information, on a huge variety of topics, on all things defense and survival.

And, do make sure you visit the MS WEBSITE! There, one finds a vast continuation of the foregoing, along with the ability to order books, gear, and more. Get going!

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