Run, Hide, Fight! Prepper Lessons from the Nashville Waffle House Shooting

Run, Hide, Fight! Prepper Lessons from the Nashville Waffle House Shooting


Run, hide, fight!


We’ve discussed the concepts of situational awareness and surviving a mass shooting before. Now we get to present the concepts in action. It actually happened, much the way preppers anticipate it might unfold. We have a lot to learn about and from the Hero of the Nashville Waffle House shooting, James Shaw, Jr.


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Video by Perrin Lovett/FPTV/YouTube.





Maintained situational awareness all the time.


Legacy Food Storage



He: Ran, then Hid, then Fought.




By being “selfish” he saved lives.




Christian, father, son, and charity-minded.


There are real Americans left.


The CNN Story About the Shooting and Shaw.


Ayn Rand’s Book I Mentioned.


We can learn, and make lemonade, from even the worst of crimes and circumstances.


**Correction to video: the suspect, killer, Travis Reinking, is still at this time on the loose.


**Clarification on Patrick Reed, etc.: I’m not hating on Augusta. Just lose the loser mentality! Fortune says you have a one in seven shot at being the Cyber Security Capital of the World. Embrace success.


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