Salt of the Earth: So Many Uses for NaCl

Salt of the Earth: So Many Uses for NaCl


Salt: we can’t live without it. Literally. It’s a mandatory component for human physiology. The stuff in the shaker is formally known as Sodium Chloride, or NaCl. This lovely little, inorganic, “ionic” in fact, grain has thousands of years of history with us and probably as many uses.


The Survival Woman listed out an incredible 50! Prepper Uses for Salt! Find that over at Backdoor Survival. She also includes history, tips, and procurement advice. Here’s a preview of some (just a little) or that original information and some of those many uses:


Picture by Morton’s.


The very first use all of us need to known about is torturing slugs. Those slimy lit… Okay, maybe not. Wait, it’s also for raining on little girls – just like the Morton’s logo…


They say humor… Salt in the wound? Yes! That’s one of the uses. We’ll get to that shortly.


At the outset, SW’s primary purpose is to drive home the importance of keeping salt back in the cache and/or the pantry for when needed. As with most/many commodities, it will be much more difficult to come by during difficult times. The good news is, for now, the stuff is everywhere, readily available, and relatively cheap. Get some today.


As another aside, SW weighs in, briefly, on the health concerns about salt. There are a few, some related to disease. Heck, too much salt at once can be lethal fast. Of course, without it, the lethal part is there, but slower. As with anything, it’s the balance and moderation that counts.


Legacy Food Storage

One of the very first things I did when I first started prepping was to bolster my pantry with basic staples that could be used for a variety of purposes.  When it was suggested that I store salt, and lots of it, I was a disbeliever. After all, conventional mainstream wisdom had taught me that salt was the bad guy.

She covers recommended intakes, sources, dietary considerations, and more.


Then she gets to …




(These are just a few):


Curing/Preserving Meats and Foods


Just for the Taste, the “Salty” Tooth


As a General Cleaner


An Odor Remover


Cleaning Wounds (pour the salt in – or salt water)


Cleaning Teeth


Cutting Grease


“Taming” Coffee – for wimps…


Fighting Fires – really

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Fighting Weeds and Vines – get Biblical, salt the Earth


Many, many, many Medical Uses


Melting Snow and Ice


Beating Bugs! … and slugs…


Beating Carbon Buildups

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Purifying the Old Honker, er, Sinuses


Household and Construction Repair


A Salad Saver (read it to believe it)


Kills Germs


Glass Cleaner


Rust Away Nuisance Metals (Perrin may have added that one)


Stain Remover


Laundry (cleans everything, seriously)


Tanning and Other Furrier Employments


More Cleaning Applications!


She covers these and many more. And she has a special section on medical application. It’s more than just cleaning and disinfecting wounds, though those are huge. You’ve probably used Granny’s salt gargle method to fight a sore throat. Granny was onto something.


Additionally, she includes tips on purchasing salt, at a discount, and/or in bulk. And, if you buy in bulk, she has storage tips too. Stored properly, salt practically lasts forever.


We’re not done yet – barely scratching the surface! There is more than one kind of salt, far beyond what comes in the little shaker. Table salt, sea salt, Kosher salt, Celtic salt, and some you’ve probably never heard of – all in there.


The salty conversation continues in Backdoor moments section; make sure to scan through those for added tips. 50 is a large number, but folks can always think of more. I’ll bet you can too. Here’s Perrin’s addition (beyond slugs): sodium refined out of the NaCl, a powerful oxygen generator, and a large sum of available current are three of the key components for making a powerful, military-grade laser. You know, in case the slugs get really uppity…


Salt: it’s more than just for spicing dinner. *The Puns Stop Here.* Read that original. And, 50+ mega thanks to Survival Woman!



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