Is a Satellite Phone Right for Your Retreat Communications?

Is a Satellite Phone Right for Your Retreat Communications?


Going off the grid, fully or partially, is a dream of many preppers. Heck, we all dream of it to one extent or another – and sometimes the urge to totally go it alone is stronger than at others.


I suppose they’re are some who could (and do) completely forego the modern world and take off into the wilderness never to be seen again. For the rest of us, even out at our remote retreat, the thought of some link to the greater world is a little reassuring. There are times when at least emergency communications might be nice.


Cell service continues to grow and grow – there isn’t a lot of real wilderness left in that sense. Shortwave radio is another popular option. Here’s another – the satellite phone. Backdoor Survival ran a great story on this subject, how it can benefit preppers who otherwise wish to be left alone. Please consult Gaye’s terrific site and article.


Photo by Gaye/BackDoor Survival.


“A satellite phone is a life-line for those who live off grid. If you need emergency services and/or rescue you need a reliable way to get help. For preppers, satellite phones can be a way to navigate, signal for help, or simply keep in touch when the grid goes down during a disaster.

But, with advances in satellite phone technology, and a reduction in price, off-griders can use satellite phones for other types of communication too. Phone calls, texting, and even internet access are now available on satellite networks. The battery life, quality, and speed of these services will be less than a smart phone in the center of a city can achieve, but still, any access at all is remarkable.”

-Backdoor Survival


There are two components to this communication form to consider: 1) the service, and: 2) the phone. Happily, one is usually dependent on and available through the other. They do a great job of breaking down some of the best services currently available worldwide.

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Please take a little time to consider where you are on the map and which of these works best for your needs. Once you pick a provider, they will be more than happy to provide you with the hardware. And, like cell providers, these companies usually have a variety of service plans to need any need.


Here’s a look at the most comprehensive coverage company in the market:


Iridium Network

“Iridium has a grid of 66 low-Earth orbiting satellites that allow for communication anywhere on the globe. The satellites move, so you have to re-connect your phone when the satellite you’re using gets out of range. However, because Iridium’s satellites are not stationary, the grid is easier to use around mountains and other difficult terrain. The U.S. military relies on Iridium for global communication. Iridium is also the only company operating at both poles.”


This may be overkill. However, if the military trusts the service, odds are it will work for your prepping and off grid needs. Their network also works best in and around mountains and canyons.


Be mindful that, as these 66 LEO sats are constantly moving, you can (and will) be dropped as one goes out of range. Merely reconnect and a new satellite will already be in place.


Others to consider are;


Globalstar Network;


Inmarsat Network;


Thuraya Network.


The others don’t have the range and power of coverage as Iridium but they may be perfect for you.


Things to consider when ordering a phone, regardless of provider, include:


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Data Transfer;


Pricing and costs;


Maps and Nav features;


S.O.S. features – one touch emergency alerts;


Construction quality;


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Battery performance and life.


Please review the whole original article for all information. In addition to great general research, it also comes complete with advanced links for those ready to take the next step.


The beauty of the satellite system is that no matter where you are, you can still be somewhat connected – at will – to the rest of the world. It’s a little peace of mind for the mindful prepper.


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