Security Tips for the Homestead

Security Tips for the Homestead


A man’s home is his castle. Or hers. Whatever. The ancients built castles for security reasons. And, today, security is just as important, whether you’re at home or away. Don’t look for Vikings or other raiders to come looting – just yet. But there are other worries to watch out for. Here’s how to get started:


The lovely and brainy Stacey Connor wrote out a great, short plan for better security at home. Find that and much more at Dave’s Homestead. Give it a whirl; here’s the gist:


Not a comprehensive approach. Picture by Instructables.


“Home security is the demand of modern time which could be made better through taking some essential tips. These are many general home security tips which help to overcome the general security breaches. The home security is the first priority which could be fulfilled through taking some essential steps. These tips help to review and enhance the home security. For improvement of the home security system, some of the tips are listed below.”



Sitting up constantly, shotgun in hand is tiring if effective. You don’t have to go that far. And you don’t have to rig up a spring gun. In fact, legally speaking, you’re best not to do that. In modern times we have a variety of options at our disposal. Stacey lists them:


High Technology

Monitored security systems are in demand for a reason. And there are more types avaialble than ever before, monitored and unmonitored. Consider cameras, sensors, signs, etc. to deter and/or catch wayward criminals.


The “Look”


Legacy Food Storage

There are several ways to look at the “look.” Certain home design features can make the house nearly invisible to invaders. On the other hand, other features will make it difficult for them to gain entry or to do so quietly and out of view. Consider a hybrid approach, one that works for you.

An Alarm System

These serve several purposes. They tell criminals they are not wanted, perhaps warning that the cops are coming. And they can actually summon the police or other secutiry. And they alert you to an immediate problem if you’re at home. You can then take action.


Find the right balance of a system for you.


And make sure the system works. Test it from time to time. Do this at the same time you test the smoke detectors. You do check those, right?

Consider automation, hardened systems, backups, and more. Stacey gives some great advice on all points. Read her original for more.

*Stacey Connor is a freelance writer who loves to read and write articles on technology and lifestyle. She divides her time between travel and lifestyle. She has recently completed her Bachelor’s in art History from the University of Chicago. You can find her on twitter @iamstaceyconnor.


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