Serious as a Heart Attack: Do Doctors Increase the Risk of Dying?

Serious as a Heart Attack: Do Doctors Increase the Risk of Dying?


At least one study suggests that they do.


Readers and viewers may recall a week, maybe two back, I rattled off a host of things that are more dangerous than guns. Things liberals never seem to want to ban. One of them was … doctors. Medical mistakes kill hundreds of thousands every year in the US alone.


Comes now an article from the Atlanta Journal Constitution and Najja Parker, somewhat on that subject. More specifically, it’s about the survival rate for heart attack patients. Amazingly, you may be (a little) better off …. Without your doctor. Read on:


Picture by NBC/Red Fox.


This really is an amazing illustration of my earlier points, forget the guns part: this borders on the ridiculous:


“If you are recovering from cardiac arrest, doctors are essential to the healing process, right? According to a new report, you’re more likely to survive if your cardiologist is away.”

-Parker, AJC


And, no. Perrin and Scott did not conduct the study with the assistance of the NRA…

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It was done by doctors at Harvard and published in the Journal of the American Heart Association.


The size of the study was not specified. Nor were any of the controls. No word on duplicating the results either. (Hey, scientific methods aren’t really for scientists anymore, anyway). BUT! In this study, patients who had heart attacks and were recovering in the hospital, were slightly more likely to survive if their cardiologists were away at a medical convention. 19.5% died with the doctor around; 16.9% died with the Doc out of town.


The study produced some reactionary statements from defensive cardiologists.

I expect President Bump Stock will ban all cardiologists by executive order immediately. Or not…


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