To Serve and Protect, Until It’s Not Convenient

To Serve and Protect, Until It’s Not Convenient


The police are there to protect us, right? To “serve and protect,” the car door says. Most of the time they do a really good job. That is until the time that they don’t. Sometimes they don’t do anything at all.


The other week in Florida, an overweight deputy hide under the stairs for 27 MINUTES! While Nikolas Cruz shot a high school and killed 17 people. The deputy has since resigned. But questions are out there about whether his inaction was part of the plan, maybe ordered from above. Several other officers also held back while the bullets flew. Oddly, some want more police in the schools.


At any rate, this isn’t the first time the police have stood down and let it all burn around them. The Urban Survival Site ran a piece by Nicholas Oetken, a history of the Montreal riots of 1969. These took place at a time when the entire police force was on strike and not guarding the city. Please have a gander:


Picture by Pinterest.


Too much stereotyping? Sorry about that. But the effect can kind of be the same as the boys in blue enjoying sugar instead of protecting you. The riots Oetken wrote up are also known as the Murray-Hill Riot.


The whole force went on strike over a pay dispute. The timing was bad and all heck broke loose when they were off duty.


“While the police were on strike, taxi drivers gathered to protest the Murray-Hill monopoly on the local Dorval International Airport. The provincial police attempted to stop the taxi drivers, but they were stopped by the striking Montreal police. A melee resulted, and from there, things spiraled out of control.”


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He makes some good points about the failings of general anarchy. Yet, that’s almost counterintuitive as the situation shows what happens when you still get chaos even with formal law and order. All systems break down and, when they do, you’re on your own – anarchy. Maybe we should focus on, prep for, a little …. uh …. civilized anarchy. We should mind our own business and be nice. But we should also be ready for times when there is no other protection than what we can offer ourselves. That means guns. The guns the commies want to steal right now.


It’s an interesting circle.


Read the account of how the riots started and progressed. It’s a good education on how things can go south in a hurry, even with otherwise normal people.

“By the end of the day, six banks had been robbed, a hundred shops had been looted, twelve fires had been set, forty carloads of storefront glass had been broken, and three million dollars in property damage had been inflicted, before city authorities had to call in the army and, of course, the Mounties to restore order.”


Oetken, likely right, still defends government. A little government. He’s kind of right. A little is good so long as it does the job and no more. The problem is that a little easily turns into a lot. Then you have to worry about the opposite – tyranny and martial law. A balance is needed. Yet and still, realize that with a balance you still might be alone when it hits the fan.


He goes into good detail about what preppers can and should learn about events like this and how to adapt to and overcome them. This is important whether it’s a natural disaster or one stemming from taxi drivers.


Read what he says, what I just hinted at, about the twin possibilities of bad anarchy and martial law. You need to take into account both extremes.


The recipe for success, here, is the same as with most prepping areas: food, water, supplies, A PLAN, defense, weapons, bugging out or hunkering down. Whichever way it goes, staying to yourself and keeping your work quiet is important. The less they know the better. The police might not come calling to seize your guns if they don’t know you have them. And crazed Antifa thugs might leave you alone if they don’t know you’re there.


Remember the police are there to do the bidding of the politicians. Their first duty is to the government. In fact, you’re an afterthought – your safety and all. That is settled law, in and out of court. “Serve and protect” is more of a slogan than a duty or mandate.


I’ve heard from multiple sources, and seen with my own eyes, that when things go wrong, the police procedure is to protect themselves and those they work for. They’ll circle the wagons around city hall while your house burns. That is unless you’re there to defend it.


Our twin feature today is a duo of videos dedicated to high-speed shooting, which might come in handy in a riot. Look at that.


Trust yourself first and foremost. You’re the best defense you have. Today “defense” means firearms. Always remember that the biggest threat to your right to bear arms usually comes from those who are supposedly there to protect you … but sometimes don’t.


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Don’t misplace the faith. And DO NOT give up the guns.


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