Seven Areas Prepper Tend to Overlook

Seven Areas Prepper Tend to Overlook


Don’t you do it! Here’s a reminder to take care of those “little” things preppers sometimes skip or run short on.


We all know: skills, water, food, tools, etc. But there is more to successful survival that just the basics. Sometimes those little things make all the difference. And it’s easy to pass them by in our haste to get ready … for whatever.


Tim Gamble presents a short list of seven things/areas we sometimes miss. Please read his work and view his wonderful site. Here’s a breakdown:


Photo by Etsy (kind of combines two of the seven!).


“Here’s a quick look at seven areas of prepping I feel are often overlooked or ignored by many preppers and survivalists. They are presented in no particular order. Are you overlooking any of these?”


Emergency Fund


Sometimes disasters are of the financial sort. It really pays to have a rainy day fund, a little cash to get you through auto repairs, a hotel room, braces, etc. Little things that everyone will encounter. Read Gambles ideas here.


Legacy Food Storage



Get out of it. The borrower is the servant of the lender. You don’t need to be anyone’s (except God’s) servant. In a total SHTF it probably won’t matter. But, in smaller situations, the debt will hang over you and drain resources better spent on prepping and survival.


God – Spirituality


Your religious beliefs may differ from mine. But it is very important to have them. You will need a little divine inspiration and support at some point. In all things, give thanks. God helps those who help themselves – and who believe.



No man nor prepper is an island. Odds are at some point you’ll need the help of other people. Cultivate a good network of like-minded people now. They’ll help you later. You’ll be there for them.


Stay in Shape


Diet and exercise build the body and get us ready to physically and mentally handle challenges. A bad event is even worse if you’re out of shape. And if nothing bad happens, you’ll enjoy life more if you’re fit. Fitness has many definitions for many people. Find yours.


Sleep Counts


Count sheep. Get those eight hours or however many you need. Sleep is how the body heals itself. If you’re not healed, you’re at a disadvantage. This is part and parcel with good health. Get some Z’s!


No. 7 – I’m going to make you dig and read the original for this one. It’s important, easy, but maybe not something you would think of. Unless you’re a deer hunter, of course.


Read and make some changes if need be. Don’t let the little things catch you unprepared.


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