Seven Crazy Handguns

Seven Crazy Handguns


For preppers, and in America in general, guns are kind of a big deal. Here and now, just for a little fun today, we have some BIG guns of the big deal. Really big guns – well, handguns.


Some of these are real. Okay, they’re all real but some are a little more practical than others. A .50, .500, or .454 has a real use – for stopping darn near anything. The ridiculous thing in the feature pic (real gun…) is more of a conversation piece.


Anyhow, please watch the following:

Video by Mad Lab/YouTube.



Practical note: some of these might be a little hard to CCW…


Second note: Perrin is tinkering with the idea of presenting a few actual anti-gun “arguments” by actual anti-freedom liberals – for disection’s sake. We all know they consist wholly of lies, communism, and maybe a little more in the way of lies. We’ll see. Might be fun. Stay tuned.


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