Seven More Choices for the Perfect Bug Out Vehicle

Seven More Choices for the Perfect Bug Out Vehicle


Over the past two years or so we’ve covered just about every kind of BOV short of a bug out spaceship. That, maybe next month… For now, it’s back to what works for most Americans today – a motor vehicle.


Ben Brown of the Prepping Guide listed seven outstanding choices for a bug out vehicle. Check those out, in depth. Here’s our little preview:


Picture by Prepping Guide/Jeep.


Again, this article assumes the debate over bug out vs. bug in has been settled and it is time to head out. In a pinch the best BOV for you is the one you have. If you’ve got the perfect vehicle already, you’re set. If not, then read on:


“You are stuck in an urban collapse and all you can think is “I gotta get outta dodge”.
When it comes to sh-t hits the fan scenarios, whether it be a plague, nuclear attack, natural disaster or the next pandemic, it’s a lot easier to cruise to your safe haven that is 100 miles away than it is to walk there. In this circumstance, you are going to need a reliable and efficient bug out vehicle.”



Brown does a great job of discussing what makes for a good BOV, how to find one, the benefits, and the pitfalls of ownership. Please read that original for all the pertinent info.


Here Are The Seven:


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One. Mercedes G


Not the cheapest alternative but, like some of the others, rugged and reliable. Bug out in relative luxury. Used models may be had at relative bargains.


Two. Jeeps


An American icon. And “Jeep” covers several types of SUVs. Here, he’s leaning traditional Wrangler. With good reason!


Three. Humvee


The modern military choice for a reason. Better equipped and better running models will be a little more expensive. But you do get what you pay for.

Four. Ford F Series Trucks


The number one market leader forever for a reason. Getting pricey but with many, many levels to choose from.


Five. RAM Trucks


Brown goes with the Outdoorsman, but, as with Fords, there are many to pick from.


Six. Toyota 4Runner


Similar to a Land Cruiser for a third the cost. One of the last new SUVs built like a real truck.


Seven. Toyota Tacoma

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Toyota’s smaller truck, the American version of the Hi-Lux, known worldwide for dependability. Special forces order these off the showroom floors due to their features and rugged performance.


Now, if you didn’t see your favorite, don’t be upset. There are seven, more than seven, more choices. Even the included manufacturers make more good choices.


See Brown’s options for running and outfitting any BOV. And remember that your needs will be different than mine. Get a vehicle accordingly. And, really, when push comes to shove, the one you have is the one to pick.


Now, Eastbound and Down!

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