Seven Types of Preppers to Avoid

Seven Types of Preppers to Avoid


Scott is back with the latest Pondering Prepper episode and it’s about prepper types to avoid after it hits the fan. He covers seven general types and then some (watch until the end). In a disastrous situation these folks can make things worse.


Here’s Scott:


Video by Scott Hughes/FPTV/YouTube.


Photo by Modern Combat and Survival.


I love that he points out that there is NOT ALWAYS strength in numbers. Quality matters as much or more than quantity. Here are the qualities to avoid:


New Preppers – not bad, just unprepared.


Commander Prepper – the bullying fearmonger.


Legacy Food Storage

Homesteading Prepper – probably great people but too attached to the land.


Emotional Prepper – weak minded people who panic.


Gun Nut Prepper – there I go, under the bus…. – no, this is the guy who’s only prep is the guns.


Accidental prepper – again, not really ready for survival.


Braggers – too much talk. This invites problems on many levels.


Scott actually came up with 17 types to avoid. See the link in the video description for a PDF with all 17 listed out for you. Remember to subscribe, like, and share. And check back for the next great Pondering episode!


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