Shooting Fast and Heavy

Shooting Fast and Heavy


Jerry Miculek is a fast shot – very fast and accurate. He’s probably the faster shot in the world. As you’ll see here, the gun really doesn’t matter. He’s fast (and accurate) with anything.


Here’s proof you don’t, well Jerry doesn’t, need a bump stock to make the lead fly.


I could have gone with his amazing AR performance. But why?


Here’s his work with a Barrett .50 Cal:


Video by Jerry Miculek/YouTube.



Shoulder fired too. That’s a heavy gun with just a little (tiny little BMG) kick. They have been known to work over large-framed special forces guys. Maybe try to work your way into that. Start with the AR.


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These videos (watch ‘em both) are inspirational. You can be fast, accurate, and ready for anything. Don’t feel bad if you can’t shoot like this right off the bat. It may take a second, or even a second hundred, try to make it come off so quick. But, you’ll get there.


Guns up!

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