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Situational Awareness Practices

Always be of your surroundings. Terror attacks and crime happen without warning. And they can happen anywhere. It’s usually when least expected. It’s up to you to be ready. And that means practicing everyday situational awareness.

The Apartment Prepper presented a story originally by Cory Hinton and the Survive the Wild blog: Situational Awareness Exercises. Read it and prepare for the unknown.

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Something’s Not Right

Call it the sixth sense or something else but we all have that feeling when something isn’t quite right. That is nature’s way of warning you. It’s a way of telling you to be on your guard.

You must work to train in using that sense to your advantage. Follow Hinton’s suggestions and be ready when it counts.

Be Aware, Be Vigilant

Situational awareness is the ability to know and understand what is happening around you at a given time and in any place. Some in the military call this observing what happens in your “bubble”, in your personal space.

Hinton breaks down several levels of awareness you need to know and implement.

Condition White. This is when everything is fine and you are off your guard. Avoid this level and this naive thinking.

Condition Yellow. This is a state of relaxed alertness. This is where you should be at almost all times while in public. Be calm but alert.

Condition Orange. This is where a threat is visible or imminent. During this phase you must formulate your survival plan. Prepare for fight or flight.

Condition Red. This is for active danger, for when the threat affects you. This is immediately before you act. It is paramount to remain calm and act logically.

Condition Black. When it breaks loose, be ready. This is when you put up or shut up and run. This is the action alert phase.

Benefits of Situational Awareness

Safety for yourself;
Family preparedness;
Ability to access threats;
Ability to adapt threats rapidly.

The more you practice general awareness the easier it becomes. It will become second nature. Prepare yourself for every level of condition. Avoid condition white at all costs. Nothing is ever as it seems. In condition yellow maintain your cool. Assess situations rationally.

Calm is very important in higher conditions. You must not panic nor cause others to panic. Make a plan and stick to it.

Everywhere you go try to establish a baseline of what is “normal”. Look carefully for things that are out of place. Have a good plan in place to handle anything that comes up. Make sure the plan is adaptable as needed.

Play games with yourself when in public. You don’t have to have a plan to “kill everyone you meet”. But you must factor everyone and everything into your calculations. Learn to spot oddities as they develop. Learn to study human behavior and body language. Mentally map out your area and know where and how you can move in reaction if needed.

Pay close attention to body language and how people interact with others. Are they trying to shield something or some movement? Watch them but don’t be obvious. This will take practice.
And practice will make perfect. Awareness is a state of mind that must be honed carefully.

You will realize that most people don’t watch at all. They will not share your sense of awareness, danger, or action. Protect them if possible, the innocents, but do not alarm them with outlandish antics. Understand that they likely will not understand what is happening. This is why terrorists catch so many people off guard. Don’t you be one of them.

Photo by Stratfor.

Always be ready like a good Boy Scout. Bad things sometimes happen. Be aware and be ready to act as needed.

Once you become used to using situational awareness you will be a weaponized human being. Use your powers for good – your good and that of your friends, family, and the general public. If others express interest, help them wake up and become aware.

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Perrin Lovett writes about freedom, firearms, and cigars (and everything else) at He is none too fond of government meddling.

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