What Someone Will Risk to Escape Communism

What Someone Will Risk to Escape Communism


Back in November a North Korean soldier defected across the DMZ.


I heard about this incident a little while back but I didn’t really give it much thought. ANd I never reviewed the video. Maybe you did? Anyway, I just watched and instantly I had a thought about this situation and how it kind of relates to life in America and the West.


First, watch the security footage – from NK all the way to the rescue in the DMZ:



Video by Military Notes/YouTube.



As noted, the North Koreans committed two violations of the UN armistice agreement – par for the course, I suppose. That’s not so shocking.


Nor is is too shocking that someone would want to flee from such a crazy and pathetic country. This fellow was willing to get shot multiple times to escape – and he did.


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The crazy thing is that some in Western countries, some who obviously know about such atrocities in NK, the old USSR, China, and elsewhere, are still willing to embrace communism in our countries today.


Remember this the next time you deal with an SJW, a modern coastal Democrat, a national socialist, or other trashy nut. Not only do they want to enslave you and take everything you have, but they’d be just as happy to shoot you in the back when you rightfully tried to get away from them.


I’m glad that man made it into South Korea. And I’m glad we still have the chance, here, to resist this madness – if we will. Will we?


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