Stock the Bug Out Bag with 50(!!!) Must-have Items!

Stock the Bug Out Bag with 50(!!!) Must-have Items!

Whether you’re fleeing the country or just heading to the camp for some chores, the BOB or kit is a necessary EDC. And, into it goes all those things we can’t live or operate without. Today, we have a great reminder about some of the most important gear we all need.

The Canadian Prepper put together a wonderful half-hour showcase of everything we need to carry. Even better, in the show notes below the video, CP lists out all the items (or categories) he talks about, each with a link for more information and purchase options.

He asks, “What’s in my bug-out bag?” What’s in yours?

A Big List for a Big Bag

(All captures from Canadian Prepper).

The first item is the bag itself, a Markhor 45- Vanques. That first linked “tiny” URL takes one to CP’s own site. There, one finds all the specifications and the choice of color! The “45” refers to the total capacity – 45 liters (assuming the thing, like an engine, was filled with water). Don’t do that – use the other gear instead. 

She’s got an internal frame, an adjustable suspension system (hips to shoulder, etc.), and is built to last. And … it can be yours … for the low, low price of … $329.58 USD.

The right bag, be it for bugging out, hunting, hiking, or going to a good Christian private school, makes all the difference. Pick the wrong one and your back will not thank you. Pick the right one. And make sure it’s well-stocked.

Let’s look at a few (of the 50 recommended) things to put inside:

Nalgene Stainless Steel Water Bottle

As pictured, it can go right over a direct heat source (fire). Think of it as a canteen, coffee pot, and soup pot all-in-one. It’s all steel so nothing will melt or give off toxic chemicals. I suppose snow would melt, but that’s about it. 

The Big Bag has multiple places for various water containers. So, do not neglect hydration. 

By the way, water adds weight, which is the enemy of the backpacker. The steel tumbler also has weight but not as much as the H2O that would go inside it. Being able to directly boil water in the bottle means you can scoop it from almost any source and purify it on the spot.

ZUBAT Silky Saw

A camp saw with a pistol grip for ergonomics and control. It’s seen above beside the custom sheath, which coincidentally hangs right on the BOB. Very handy.

A camp saw has 1,001 uses though it’s mainly associated with clearing space and preparing kindling and firewood. In a pinch, it could also double as a machete-like weapon. One will note a few more blades on the list (and on the bag).

PowerFilm Solar Kit

It’s an integrated system that unrolls like a mat to unveil a power solar panel. The battery pack is inside the core. Use it as a charger – even in lower light levels. And, this one comes in a variety of models of all different sizes and abilities. Charge phones, pads, GPS units, flashlights, and much more.

Here, I could or should mention the Storm Protection Agency’s solar pack! It works well, minus the cool roll-up factor. But, this isn’t one of our ads… SPA. Solar.

Uh, moving on…

Legacy Food Storage

The Lost Hiker Kit

By Brunton, this model carries a little bit of everything in a pocket-sized package. As seen above, it has a compass, a magnifying lens, and a mirror for signaling. 

CP keeps this small wonder inside another kit – a bag inside a bag inside a bag. Organized survival just when needed. By the way, don’t be the lost hiker. Nobody likes that guy and nobody wants to go looking for him.

Did I mention there are FIFTY items on the list?!

They cover all the basics and then some. And they all go in the bag:

On the list, one will find:

More water;


The ubiquitous tarp;

Sleeping arrangements;

Medical supplies;

FIRE!!!, and

Much, much more.

So, now, it is time to…


(Canadian Prepper/YT).

Remember to visit the Canadian Prepper Channel on CensorTube! It’s one of the biggest and best (that hasn’t been banned yet) for a reason. 

And, there’s also the Canadian Preparedness WEBSITE. Click on over and have a look. On the web or on the tube, remember to like and subscribe and support. Then, make sure you shore up any holes in your BOB stock. Not that you had any holes, right???

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